New Dexcom location suggestion -- Help!



Thanks for the Medipore suggestion, maybe I’ll take a look at that when I run out of Opsite Flexifix.

I’ve had GREAT results with Skintac + Opsite Flexifix.

First - apply Skintac at the sensor application area, with a small square at the center where the sensor wire goes into the skin (I’m assuming it’s bad if the sensor wire goes through the Skintac…)
Then insert the sensor
Soak the edges of the sensor adhesive with more Skintac
Cut out a length of Flexifix such that it’s 15 “grid squares” long - 5 above the sensor, 5 below, sensor is 5 “grid squares” wide - I use an old sensor as a template. The sensor should be perpindicular to the tape roll. You should now have a patch that is 15x20 squares (4" flexifix is 20 squares wide)
Fold the flexifix in half such that you’ve got a 15x10 square
Place the sensor template so that its center is at the fold. Cut out an area around the sensor
Cut the corners so they’re round
You can now apply the FlexiFix over the sensor adhesive. Takes a bit of practice to not accidentally “bunch” it up. I always pull the backing off of one half of the patch, apply it, then slowly apply the other half, peeling the backing as I go
Peel the square-patterned “cover” off the top of the patch once you’ve applied it

The edges of the patch will start lifting after a few days, I usually trim the edges with scissors. I’ve never had the “lifting” reach the edges of the original sensor adhesive before the sensor starts failing (at least with the old G4 this was the case)

Edit: I’ve always used my abdomen with no issues other than premature sensor failure in an area with lipohypertrophy that I didn’t identify until after I’d lost some weight. I also use the beard trimmer part of my electric shaver to shave most of the hair off of the application area.

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This is a useful idea. Because the issue for us with the overpatches is that once they peel up, they bring the Dex adhesive up with them. So I may get some of this… thanks @Kevin.Blanc

We’ve used the Grifgrips recently and have no actual complaints BUT he finds them too large - and he’s a 6’ tall dude. Also getting the dratted things on is a two person job for the fun cutout shapes. Better is the Simpatch found on Amazon. They stick but are not an absolute nightmare to remove. I second the oval shape. The aliens are cute but the arms eventually roll up.

I am sorry you are struggling with this. It is definitely hard to find good sites. What about the butt/low back? Maybe that’s an awful idea?

EH tried the thigh once. First time he pulled down his pants - off the Dexcom came. He hasn’t tried again. :neutral_face: The belly is used but problematic for climbing harnesses and backpack belts. He’s gained some weight in the last year (which I attribute to attempting to maintain tighter control and drinking more juice to correct lows honestly) and that seems to make belly sites not as good.

@Kevin.Blanc Welcome! Thanks for sharing! We are always interested in new options!

And good luck @TiaG! He’s going to grow up fast and there will be more real estate in the future I think. :wink: In the meantime I am sending good thoughts for a new spot to use.

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I’m new to this, but I am using these and they are holding up very well for me.
Skin Grip Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch [20-Pack] | Waterproof Adhesive | CGM Patches for Diabetics - Tan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G9QQJZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-WwYCbHJRKP5T
I usually wait until I see an edge of the Dexcom patch start to lift… Usually 4-5 days and slap one over the top of it then, It seems to hold up for the next 10-12 days before I see the edges start to let go.


@TiaG I like using thighs for sensor placement. I use the the side and tops of my thighs, about where my fingers fall when I’m standing up. I get similar if not better accuracy on thighs as compared to the backs of my arms (and better accuracy than my stomach with its scar tissue). However, if you try thighs out make sure to give warning that when going to the bathroom (and pulling down pants) to be careful of snagging the sensor.

Maybe his sides/love handle or back could be a good option if he has any fat there ?