After 3+ months on G6, going back to the G5

Well, after more than 3 months of struggling with the G6, when Samson’s last transmitter expired a few days ago, we inserted one of the stockpiled G5s we had, along with a new G5 transmitter that someone was kind enough to pass on to us.

So far, we haven’t been experiencing the data drop outs but it’s only been 3 days. I feel a bit bummed to go back to the twice-daily finger sticks (in theory…we never actually calibrated that often anyway) and the insertion is certainly more time-consuming. But Samson was very resistant to trying another body part and this was the other option we gave him.

We’re just kicking the can down the road at this point, – We haven’t requested that Dexcom provide us with G5s from now on. But I’m hoping that in the next 3 to 5 months (depending on how long these sensors last), Dexcom will figure out tips or manufacturing or behavioral changes that can help us go back to the G6 with better success. We were experiencing missed readings from almost the first day, almost none of the sensors lasted the full 10 days, and most started dying on day 4 or 5.


Your experience makes me think I will stick with the G5 for the time being!

@CatLady, it’s very possible that you would have better results than Samson. I think it might be specific to his body – we just inserted the G5 3 days ago and IT TOO is now having huge data dropouts and missed readings. So I’m wondering if his arms are just a no-go – like it’s possible they maybe have scar tissue or something?? I really hope not as we really do depend on CGM to keep his BG well-controlled…

Thanks, something to consider…Diabetes, so much fun—not!

My motto has always been, “If it ain’t broken, why fix it?” We love the G5 and have no plans (especially now) of moving up to the G6. So sorry you guys had such a struggle with the G6’s but glad you’re working with transmitters that are working for Samson now.

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I had one bad sensor in what I think has been about a year. I had a couple that required manual glucose levels and had to calibrate throughout those sensors 10 days. They were always very close to manual readings though.

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