Lost $1000 + worth of Dexcom G6 Sensors

Well, after the third G6 sensor today didn’t even start (it just kept going to “insert new sensor”) we went to our diabetes cabinet to look for the next box of G6 sensors …and we could not find it.


We just got these so we probably couldn’t get more without paying full price. And besides, it would take a few days to get here, and our son can’t go to daycare without them. We have a few coming because Dexcom was going to replace our malfunctioning lot, but they said those would take a week.

Meanwhile, we have about 15 G5 sensors, but the transmitter has expired.

So we needed either G6 sensors or a G5 transmitter. Long story short, we messaged our local diabetes support group and something like 10!! people offered supplies to me. I wound up getting an expired G5 sensor and praying it works. We also got a handful of G6 sensors.

But I have to say the panicky feeling we had without the Dexcom made me realize just how dependent we are on the numbers. Samson has been without data for about 12 hours and that is the longest we’ve gone without CGM numbers since 2016.

So far today, when I’ve finger pricked Samson, he’s been 150, 137, 44, 116, and 169. Not as bad as it could be but who knows what he was in between.

Anyways I realized three things: The diabetes community is truly generous. We really need a plan for how to function without Dexcom if it comes to that. And I should really double-check that my husband has put away the diabetes supplies when they come in.

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Sorry about the loss, that is terrible :frowning:
Really nice that the community has helped.

It is probably too early, but my son routinely takes breaks now with his sensors. Sometimes for a week or more. These times really help him “Jedi” his approach and build confidence in both my wife and I that things will be ok.

Being dependent on technology isn’t a bad thing, but it is nice to know that if my son is deprived access to everything, he is still able to function.


We can Fedex an [unused] G5 transmitter if you want.