What to do with spare Dexcom G5 hardware after switching to G6?

I have two friends who were recently switched from G5 to G6 hardware, and both have some spare equipment they can’t return. I was going to give hardware from friend A to friend B this week, but they both switched around the same time frame.

Friend A has three sensors and a used transmitter that may have some battery life left. I’m not sure what friend B has. I know from experience with friend A that sometimes things go wrong (e.g, sensor failure), and it’s nice to have spare equipment.

I’m in the SF Bay area. Any groups/individuals to donate to? Hoping I don’t get swamped with responses!


At my endo’s office they accept donations of spare diabetes supplies and give them to uninsured patients.


Veterinary schools and research groups use them too. Maybe there is one that would accept a donation.

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I would continue to use G5, and delay using G6 to allow a few extra G6 sensors to help buffer time between orders.


Absolutely! I just got an email from Byram: I placed an order for a G5 transmitter a week ago; the email says they’ve substituted a G6 transmitter and they’re also sending G6 sensors. I didn’t know they could just do that, but I guess it’s time to finish up my G5 supplies and make the switch. My only regret is that I’ve gotten used to uninterrupted CGM data by using the microwave technique for restarts and for starting new sensors. With the G6 it looks like the 2-hour warmup with no data is pretty much unavoidable (I’m running loop on an iPhone, so using the Dexcom CGM app.)

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Hi G5,

I am lucky to have a great support group here in the desert where we share old supplies even if expired. Many people can not afford diabetic supplies or medications including insulin because they do not have great or any insurance coverage needing to go to Mexico or do without. Our group is amazing because we have become family and share what we can to help each other. Our healthcare system is abysmal! I would suggest contacting either your Endo or CDE to see if there are groups in your area or looking online for Type 1 groups in your area.

One message to everyone…NEVER THROW OUT DIABETIC SUPPLIES! There are people who can use it even if old or no use to you because they have nothing else. Look for local groups to share. Hopefully this helps everyone.

@G6newbie You are correct. I lost my insurance and the extra novolog I had gooton from a friend was stolen from my fridge but my Humalog was left. It was 2 years old and 6 vials of Novolog that where 18 months old. With no choice I had to use them after checking that they still looked good. Well It worked just like a new bottle of insulin. So the expatriation date on the bottles are there just to get you to buy more. Test strips work but they are not as accurate.

The thing with expired products is that you cannot know if it’s no good just by looking at it unless it is insulin is cloudy. If you use an expired product, you will just have to see if it works the same. Rapid-acting insulins like Humalog, Novolog, and Apidra are similar so you could potentially interchange them if your usual is unavailable but just know that you may need to make adjustments. In a pinch, you can even use Humulin which has a longer onset and duration than the rapid-acting insulin but it will keep you out of DKA. I heard of one story where a 12 yo boy was diagnosed with T1D, started on Novolog or Humalog with no refills on the prescription. When he ran out of insulin and could not get a refill, he wound up going into DKA and dying. He did not know that he could use older alternatives like Humulin which you can get cheap at Walmart. He was not provided that information by his caregivers and died! That should never happen.