Dexcom sensor failed on startup

Brand new dexcom sensor failed on startup 3 times now? Know any tricks or just give up on it. Warms up for about 10 minutes then says sensor failed.

ETA I just noticed that this and all my other sensors expired 9/29. Is this a factor? Should they still work?

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I’ve used expired sensors with no problem. How soon is your transmitter set to expire? I’ve seen a similar failure with a transmitter that was about to go bad.


Put on a new sensor and it did same exact thing. Tried starting it with the receiver instead and the receiver said that the transmitter battery was too weak to pair (had about a week left on transmitter I thought, but too late to check now). When I tried to start it with the phone it warned me that transmitter would expire in one week and this would be its last session

Doubt dexcom will be interested in replacing expired sensors, guess I better just order more

Having only used unexpired ones, I can say I have never seen that behavior before. Bummer.

There’s a way around that expired business. We can txt about it if you want.

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I just used a sensor that expired 9/14/17, started it 10/10, and lasted until yesterday (11/5), one of my longest runs.

Hope they all do that well, I have another box with same date.

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Yeah Eric’s suspicion was right— it was an “almost dead” transmitter that caused the problem, when I tried to start with the receiver instead of the phone it said that and a new transmitter seems to be working now


We’ve had a few just go bad on startup but usually after the first failure it just tells you to replace. Incidentally we have had a run of bad sensors lately, which go bad after just a few days and are really jittery soon after insertion, and even a few that simply didn’t work from the get-go. Anyone else experiencing this? One possibility I’m worried about is that maybe Samson has developed scar tissue on his arms where his sensors are placed, but I haven’t heard of scar tissue being a big issue with Dexcom sensors.

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@TiaG, we have not had any bad sensors. It is worth pointing out that we have a bit more real estate in a 14 year old than you do.

With that said, we use the back of the arms exclusively, and have had no issues.

Nice run!

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@TiaG, we have had exactly the same problem for the past 6 weeks. I am not quite sure what to make of it. I have been having my son drink more to see if it is a hydration issue.

@Michel @TiaG how long have you each had the sensors that are giving you more difficulty? Hopefully there not a quality control issue?

For us 5-6 weeks. But these are fairly old sensors, although still current.

[Edit] sorry, misunderstood your question yesterday: they are about a year old.

We continue to run 11~13 days per sensor quite consistently.

Currently we are using sensors that still have 6 months to go before they hit expiration.

I hope it continues with current sensor from same Lot.
Typically I average around 14 days.

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IT’s been about a month or so.

ETA: Actually 6 weeks is probably more accurate. We first started having trouble when I was still pregnant.

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