Motorcycle Road Trip - 1k+ miles in < 24 hours

Every year, the motorcycle association I’m a member of (CVMA) has a National event in a different State across America. This year it’s in Rochester, MN which is about 1,100 miles from my home in SW VA. I’ll be leaving tonight around 2000 and riding straight through with the goal of getting there in under 24 hours (arriving at local time off around 1700). I’m trying for two patches for my vest…the “Saddlesore” from the Iron Butt association, and the “Finish The Mission” patch through my motorcycle association.

Safety will be my focus and if i am able to complete the ride in under 24 hours, great, if not, most importantly I’ll still make it back home to the family.

I will be returning on Sunday. Lots of rain planned in the local area so that will be part of the not so fun…but I’ll go slow and should be fine.

Anyway, wish me luck! I’ll keep my shiny side up.


Enjoy Mr. Iron Butt & stay safe! :smiley:


That sounds like a blast, good luck! :motorcycle:

I’m curious if any T1 or T2 folks here are motorcyclists – and if so, how do you go about on-the-go treatment? I assume a watch or something to monitor the CGM without any pocket maneuvers? My husband and I have taken short rides (he drives and I hold on), but we’ve never considered more than an hour or two so that I can check my readings and treat as needed. I think it would be cool to do real motorcycle day trips someday!


While I’m not T1D, I do watch Liam’s BGs 24/7/365. When riding, I have phone mounted and can pull up NS easily to see his BG at any time. If treatment is needed, I communicate to him remotely via text or phone call.


I have shared this idea before, I think it was on one of @CarlosLuis biking threads.

I know the Dexcom alarms and vibrations are not super easy to feel and hear when on a motorcycle. But you can easily make any regular Dexcom receiver show your BG every 5 minutes without ever needing to touch it! (Almost, with one small exception).

First of all, you mount your Dexcom receiver on the bike somewhere that is easy to see. They have handlebar clips and different options for that.

Once you have the receiver mounted where it’s easy to see, you set your high alert for the lowest possible number, which is 120 on the G6.

And set your low alert for the highest possible number, which is 100 on the G6.

Guess what?! As long as you don’t acknowledge the alerts, the Dexcom receiver will automatically show your BG anytime it is NOT between 100-120.

Every 5 minutes it will display your current BG number! Just don’t acknowledge it.

If you don’t see anything being displayed, that means your BG is between 100-120, so you don’t have to worry. (That is the exception I mentioned. But it actually works out, because no display means all is well too.)

All make sense?


Genius! Thanks Eric, and @ClaudnDaye! I might have to have to check out some equipment :blush: I’m sure it would help reassure him to be able to see how I’m doing back there also. Maybe having a helmet communication system would be an additional helpful luxury…

I am excited to hear how the ride goes! :grin:


Yes my wife and I use PacTalk bold devices for communication. Certainly helps to be able to communicate while riding together.


I’ve been on the Omnipod 5 which means the pod uses one slot on the G6 transmitter and the iPhone uses the other…leaving no ability to use a G6 receiver. Believe it or not, I can’t remember if I have a Dexcom receiver…Just cleaned out a whole garbage bag from my storage shelves and did not come across one). When I am biking (pedal power) I have a clear handlebar case that the iPhone can sit in. However I have to use my finger to wake the phone up if I want a BG reading without waking up my Apple watch.


That is an ambitious way to get saddlesore! Sounds like a fun challenge, enjoy the trip.


My solution for bicycling is any of the Garmin Edge computers with the Dexcom widget. You still need a phone with Garmin Connect app.

As you can see Dexcom G6 was showing 67mg/dl and Contour Next 95mg/dl.


I’d love if there was an accessibility feature where you could set Dexcom to announce your BS every x minutes. Would be so handy with Cardo.


I forgot to add that a Garmin watch with the Dexcom widget would be more appropriate on a motorcycle. The display is always on unlike Apple Watch.

You’d still need a phone running Garmin Connect app


Maybe the simplest of all is to turn your screen lock OFF on your phone, and just have the Dex app running and in the foreground. Have the phone mounted on handlebars.

Then it would always be easy to see.


I am basically a zombie right now but I made it!

I rode 1,125 miles in 20 hours and 30 minutes.

The ride was beautiful 60s and 70s for 15 hours of the trip, then torrential downpours for the last 3 hours.

Now I’m so tired I can’t sleep. :smiley:


Glad you got there safely. Hope you can settle in/down & get some rest.

I think you have earned that Saddlesore Patch :smiley:





Wow, great ride! Congratulations!! :tada: :motorcycle:


That is bananas @ClaudnDaye! I cannot imagine – congratulations and glad you made it safely! Hoping your ride back home is much more leisurely! (Iron Butt – omg!!!)


Congrats and sorry for the last 3 hours! I can’t imagine riding in the rain! I had K9 handler that road his no matter the weather; he came in with his suit on one night, still drenched. It has to make safety and issue… Anyways, congrats on making it, now have some fun and return home safely!


Congratulations on earning a hard to get Saddle Sore 1000.