Cgm newbie question!

Hi everyone,
This is my first post, so thanks in advance!!

I’m a 44 yr old T1D. Yesterday, I got my first cgm. Dexcom g5.
I don’t have a receiver and only use my phone (at this starting point anyway), and am already realising one of my concerns with the system, and that is that I am having to carry my phone everywhere!! This is not something that I like to do. I do a lot of work in the garden that a phone will get in the way if I have to have it with me always, and my garden is also quite large, so it will be very easy to be out of range for a lot of the day.

So my question is, what does everyone else do with their phones/receivers?

I had thought a crossbody bag which would mean my phone is more secure than in my pocket, but I can see it getting extremely annoying very quickly. I’m really hoping that you all have amazing suggestions that I will struggle to choose just one! :joy::crossed_fingers:


Welcome to our forum! For me, the answer is…pockets!! I think I have updated my entire wardrobe since I was diagnosed with clothes that have pockets! Even my yoga pants have side pockets and the gardening pants I bought have really deep cargo pockets with reliable closures. I carry around a garden tool bucket while doing yard work and can put my iPhone in there since I also can see my Dex readings on my Apple Watch (highly recommended—mine is an older model). I think others use various arm and waist bands and will probably be along soon to fill you in. :sunflower:


@CatLady, thanks! I usually only have one unsecure pocket (I basically live in fishermans pants and shorts), so unless I can get to my sewing machine to add others with a zip, I’d probably lose my phone or smash it. At least, that’s the fear I have. I know I have one of those belt bags, like a bum bag, somewhere in my house. I just need to find it! Thanks for reminding me of it!


Welcome @SBee!

I’m a little surprised you started on the G5 since Dexcom is phasing it out, but I’m still using it, and very glad about that! I have a fair stock of G5 sensors and an extra G5 transmitter (plus lots of old ones), so I’m using the time to build up my G6 supply. My fear is, by the time I run out of G5 supplies, and build a stash of G6, the G7 will be out and they will be phasing the G6 out! Argh!

Sorry, I digressed!

Recently my “pink dial button receiver - not blue tooth enabled” found its way through the washing machine. I cried when I realized. Dexcom was very generous and sent me a new G5 receiver the next day. I never thought to mention to them that I had the smaller pink receiver, which didn’t/couldn’t connect to a cell phone. They sent me a blue tooth enabled one and it is larger and won’t fit … in the leather waistband case I had for it. I even have an extra!

Sorry for the long story … when it’s late, I ramble! When I got the G6, that receiver was larger and would need a different case. I do not use my cell phone for my receiver. I had already purchased the case for the G6 and the new G5 Dexcom sent to me fit inside perfectly. I had to change a few ways I work with it, but that’s minor to not having a receiver and potentially having to actually use my phone as a receiver. Half the time my phone is turned off!

I got my receiver at Sam’s Club. It was a good price, but I can’t recall. When I’m more awake, I’ll look through my files to see if I can find the price. If I were you, I’d buy the G5 receiver, and the case that clips on your waistband/belt I as able to find at Amazon:

Best of luck!


Hi @Tapestry, thanks for your reply.
I started with the g5 because I live in Australia, and the NDSS (National Diabetes Subsidy Scheme) has not yet approved to subsidise the g6. I am a disability pensioner so I am eligible to get it all for free. I only became eligible for that, in March.
The starter kit doesn’t come with the receiver here, probably because dexcom is phasing it out, so I am using my phone as the receiver.


And you’re not going to get the receiver?

That’s fine. See if this case is compatible with your phone. My phone won’t work it it. It is way too long and about 3/4" to wide. I think there are phone cases which would help you hook it on your belt line.

I’ve worn it this way since the G4 days and love the ease of hooking it on my waist band. When I’m in a dress that’s a different story and I need to keep the receiver with me, in a purse of something.

Best of luck to you!


@Tapestry As far as I am aware, the receiver is not available in Australia anymore and even if it was, it would be at my own cost. As a disability pensioner, that is well out of my reach.

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I am 100% with you. I use this:

I did try the upper-arm versions but the phone was prone to dropping out; I got the Apple unconditional replacement, which is 1/3 the cost of the phone plus another 1/6 to actually get the replacement, but it would be inconvenient if the receiver got trashed.

The above is ok to strap round me and most of the time it doesn’t get in the way. If I am doing something energetic, like carrying heavy sacks, I simply pull it round to the back. The G6 I use simply doesn’t work through my body and I wear the G6 on the front so I do get drop-outs if doing a lot of heavy lifting/moving, but most of the time it does catch up.

For me something wrapped round my belly isn’t that annoying. If I’m just hiking I simply carry the phone in my hand; the belt is there for when I use my hands. I do sometimes simply leave the phone on the deck, or wherever I am working. It has an acceptable range out of doors so long as I am moving around, but I do tend to leave it outside then have to wander around trying to find the damn thing.


Thanks for that @jbowler! I think I would be the same. I’d put my phone down somewhere ‘safe’, and then promptly forget where! Considering I live in the subtropics and we’re about to head into summer, that’s an extremely bad idea. My phone is a galaxy note 10+, which I’m still paying off, so really cannot afford to replace it.
I’ve seen some zippered armbands on ebay, (Amazon in Australia is pretty crappy and nowhere near as cheap as overseas), but I think I’ll grab one of each suggestion to find out what works best for me. I already own a belt bag/fanny pack/bum bag, so I don’t need to purchase another of those… I just need to find where it is! (My house has been renovated this year so I have a lot of boxes still to unpack).

I really appreciate the suggestions and the experiences of everyone!

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I recommend using xdrip and a bluejay watch

I personally use a ticwatch pro with 1gb of ram because a lot of the other watches I tried did not work, but the smart watch is my favorite cgm companion…kind of like Bluetooth in a car…


Thanks @RogerType1. I’ll definitely be looking for a smart watch and I do plan on using xdrip and probably nightscout too, so that I can link it to an app I’ve been using for the last 7 years. I do think I’ll wait until I’m upgraded to the g6 however, to organise all of that. It’s also a struggle to find a smartwatch that won’t look ridiculous on my tiny wrist. Even the 40mm watch cases are probably too big for me, but I’ve been looking at the TicWatch c2+. Unfortunately the pro would be bigger than my tiny arms :pinching_hand:🏼:joy: as would the Blue Jay, although I find that really interesting!


The c2+ specs looks the same as the pro, so it sounds great…might want to switch to a silicone wristband, but waiting for the g6 I’m not sure…the g6 is easier to insert, but that’s the major difference… most users don’t see an Increase in accuracy, just harder to reset the sensors…most of the software in xdrip is based on the g5…might want to contact someone at the ndss about the g6…I would not be surprised if they skip to the g7…in the mean time, xdrip and nightscout will be a major software upgrade…you might even be able to use Bluetooth headphones and leave your phone on the charger indoors…you can set up xdrip predicted low ringtones using your insulin/carb/absorption settings…and its free, just time consuming to set up…


I just started using the BlueJay x2 and have been using it as the collecter for my G6 now for almost a week. It’s nice and small and I’m getting close to 3 days on a charge.


Sounds great. My current insurance plan covers libre, but Dexcom falls into the $2500 durable medical deduction ridiculousness, so I’m stuck with android wear and an android 9 phone. I think the bluejay watch might be better for sbee, but I am curious if the bluejay watch can handle music with Bluetooth headsets?


I am always forgetting where my phone is, or deliberately not carrying it with me. As long as your phone is in range once every two hours, you won’t lose data.


It might be even better than that. Unless they changed it, the transmitter keeps 3 hours for back-filling the phone records.


Having not known about the BlueJay watch until @RogerType1 mentioned it, does it have access to Google play etc like other smartwatches on the market? Is there anything that you don’t like about it @Mikeb ? I am leaning more towards the Ticwatch c2+, namely because I live in Australia, and postage from anywhere else in the world at the moment is at least a 3 month wait, whereas I can get the TicWatch reasonably locally (probably from Sydney or Melbourne).

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Thanks for that info @SteveMann. Is it xdrip that means you only need to be within range every 2 hours? Or can the dexcom apps do that too? I had thought that with the dexcom g5 app, that I had to keep my phone with me always?

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The bluejay watch can run the xdrip algorithm without a phone, but I’m not sure About Bluetooth headsets… due to the lack of Google wear features and shipping issues, you might be safer with the c2+…on xdrip. You can use the c2+ as a collector for hours


I know nothing about xdrip. I do not use a pump at all. What I have is the Dexcom G6 CGM.