Not letting this stupid disease get in my way

I was diagnosed t2d almost 5 years ago a week before my first child’s birth. About a year and a half ago that diagnosis changed to T1D on my insistence for further testing. Those years in between were very confusing.

I have been riding motorcycles since 2008. I still do and always will. I think twice before heading out and make sure I’m blood sugar ready. I do wood working in my spare time. I’ve recently this week started on my push up regimen again. It’s an uphill battle having taken a few years off after the now two children were born but I’ll get there. A1c is 6.0 and I’m proud of that. I allow myself some carbs but nothing excessive.

Anyway that’s my intro post. Just signed up today.


Welcome, @DynaGlide! That all sounds awesome. Glad you’re here! :hugs:


Welcome. After 38 years with T1 diabetes I stated riding a motorcycle last year. Based on your user name I’m guessing you have a Harley. Very nice bike!! I have a Honda Phantom. I’ll probably upgrade after I get a few years under my belt.

Yup, it is very important to know where your BS is trending when riding. Do you have a CGM? If not, you would probably find then very helpful when riding.


@jim26 Yes I bought it brand new 10 years ago and have done extensive work on it myself. I wear a G5 sensor and use xdrip paired with a cheap smart watch. Easy to glance at my wrist when I’m out.

Good luck out there. Always pretend you’re invisible and you’ll do well.


Welcome @DynaGlide, it sounds like you have a great list of hobbies, which will soon be hobbies in remission until you get to the other side of children’s activities :wink:

But you do have a few years to prepare before those activities become overwhelming. Also be forewarned if you have another kid you and your SO will need to learn to play a zone defense and your hobbies will fade from memory pretty quickly. It really is painless. /s


Welcome! I’m sorry to hear that the first years of getting properly diagnosed were frustrating. Too frequently that is our reality. I’m glad that you’re here and happy to hear of your experiences!

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Also love the title you chose for this thread :bangbang::heart:

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What do you ride? I’ve been threatening getting a motorcycle forever… have always liked the klr 650 or the vstrom (both of which are the poor Man’s bmw)