Amazing site

I am really happy that I found this site…Going thru some of the older topics…Everyone here is totally on top of things that I always kinda blew off…But you all make it very interesting and concise. Thanks for the add! Rick


@TopazRick, We are super happy you are finding value from our cool and sometimes crazy discussions. That is totally why we created this site. You may have blown things off from time to time, but you must have a bunch of stuff to share considering your long history with diabetes! Great avatar pic. Is that a skateboard?

Also, feel free to introduce yourself here if that suits you:

Hi TR,
Welcome to the site!

Sorry I can’t offer you much on Medtronic or CGM, but everyone has an area of expertise here, and there are a lot of people who know those things really well. :smiley:

BTW, how old were you when you were DXed?


Welcome! Glad you like it and look forward to learning more about you and your Diabetes!


I was 14…Going on 37 years in April…The 12th to be exact…


HAHA! No, that is a Mahi, a fish…We went to the Bahamas in 85 or so and I caught a couple of them…Back when I was buff and in shape:laughing:!! Gotta get back to the exercising regularly…

I see it now, ha ha lol

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