Where is everyone from?

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to the group and diabetes as well, 1/22/16 is a day I’ll never forget.

With that said, I have met only 1 other T1 in person and wondering where everyone is from. Who knows there could be meet for coffee or something along those lines.

I currently live right before the bridge crossing the Cape Cod Canal. I’m originally from New Jersey and lived in Manhattan for almost 10 years before a relocation from a promotion landed me in Massachusetts.

Hope to find someone close by :+1:




Hi, John, and welcome! I live out west (Idaho) and know exactly what you mean about not knowing another T1D…until I met my new CDE. Now people see my Dex on my arm and will ask about it and tell me about their T1D relative or friend! Sometimes I feel like an ambassador for “real life with diabetes”. :coffee:


Not close, although I used to be. Lived in SNJ for the better part of a decade. Exit 4. Now in Portland, OR. So not close, but if your travels ever take you here there is open invitation.


@chris Thanks for the invite :wink: exit 4 lol… I was exit 124 and funny quick story, we brought our boat up from NJ with us, not long after traded it in and got a newer boat that was documented rather than registered so we had to pick a name for the paperwork and I wound up naming it “What Exit?” a few people got it but had to explain to more than not. It’s a Jersey thing I guess :rofl::rofl:

@catLady I totally hear you. I wear a Dexcom on one arm and now an Omni Pod on the other. Most people look at me like I’m some kind of cyborg or something but others actually ask about them and I explain but then it’s 20 questions lol…

@eric thanks for the map, which green state are you from?


@John_T1D, .
Welcome. I live about an hour northwest of Chicago.



@miliz thank you. Nice to meet you!


Hi John, welcome to FUD :smile:

i live in NYC and i have yet to meet anyone in my neighborhood who is a T1 !!! how can that be??? however, people come up to me all the time and ask if i am wearing a pager, and i have to tell them that it is an insulin pump; this starts off many conversations :wink:

however, i meet endless T2s no matter where i go. people (meaning the general public), have no idea that there is any difference. (even, despite over 30+ years of having T1, my family does not seem to understand…not including my husband, for he understands almost as much as i do )

so however far you are logistically speaking from other T1s, you can live in the enormously populated City of New York, and never meet another T1, except when you are sitting in the waiting room of your endo’s office :wink: )

But now that you have found us on FUD, you will meet scores of us T1s!!!


@daisymae how odd is that? NYC you would think you’d see T1s all over the place. Where in Manhattan do you live? I used to live on 75th & Broadway between West End. It would be too funny if you were in that area as well.

Anyway, nice to virtually meet you, thank you for the comment.

I suspect they’re all over the place but the topic just doesn’t come up with strangers in a big bustling city… I suspect ones likelihood of acquainting with a larger number of fellow T1s would occur in a small town actually, where nobody is a stranger and everyone is up in everyone else’s business

I’m from a small town in Alaska, and I grew up in an even smaller town in Oregon.

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I never felt like a “real” T1D bc I was diagnosed as an adult and never went to kids T1D camp. In the last two years, two families in my neighborhood have had 5 year old boys diagnosed. We’ve all helped each other a lot with supplies, techniques, trouble-shooting, and support. I feel so bad for those little boys bc I got a childhood without T1D. Anyway, before that, the only T1D I knew was a tech at my eye doctor’s office. When we got paired up w appointments, I’d be there forever gabbing with her. :grinning:

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Hi John,

I’m afraid I’m not close to you either. I’m down south in D.C.

I don’t meet many type 1s either. When I have met them, I tend to run into then at my gym readjusting their cgm or pump site or something similar. I met a girl with Type 1 a few months ago at my gym, and it was pretty fun. Coincidentally she was also on MDI but required 1/2 unit measurements in Humalog so was using slightly different looking tools.

It was fun to geek out with another Dexcom wearing, Lantus-using pwd though.

You may find other T1s at the gym. It can be hard to cover the sensor and pump up while working out. It’s not really a priority in that space.

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Hi all,
I’m originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, then relocated to the burbs between Baltimore/DC. I, like many have said in this thread have yet to meet someone with T1! Just you guys!

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@Ryan good to meet you. Thanks for commenting.

Philly is a great city, I have a lot of friends down that way since I grew up in New Jersey.

My first “meeting” was when I was a teenager, going to a meeting at ADA, but only T2s were there. Later, while in college, a guy in my dorm returned after summer break, and shared he was diagnosed T1D over the summer. Met MANY in person going to the Diabetes Unconference a few years ago, including some I know from the online groups.

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