Spotting Podders in Daily Life


Dropping my son off in the car rider line today, I saw that one of the teachers was rocking a pod on her arm. I said, “Kiddo, that teacher has a pod like me! Check it out!” He said, “Okay, Mom, but let’s not bring it up to her. We don’t want to embarrass her…I can’t get out of the van…”

I was so excited to see another podder that I apparently lost my Car Rider Mom coolness and was struggling to get my van in park so that my son could open the door and actually get out and go to school. Moms are so lame. :rofl:



Use the threat of embarrassment against him whenever you can. Tell your son if he does not clean his room, you will show the teacher the pod on your butt every morning.



@Eric, hahahahahahahahahahaha.



I saw a Nightscout decal on a vehicle in the library parking lot yesterday and that really made my day!



I was at a street fest this weekend watching a Rolling Stones cover band. When we were leaving a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said “I didn’t want to bother you while you dancing but I noticed your Dexcom on your leg and it looks like it’s stuck on there good. How do you keep it in place”.

We chatted about our various pumps & CGM’s, various tapes I’ve used and, of course FUD !!!



I’ve found that people are often more than happy to chat about it. But generally they’re either adults OR if they are kids and I’m telling them how cool it is and asking them for their tips, they warm up pretty quickly. It can be a lonely disease I think.

I love @Eric’s suggestion of using it as a threat! “Clean your room, or I will come clean at school! With my giant underpants!”



One of my coworkers told me yesterday, “I thought about you on my vacation! Hmmm…that sounded weird. What I meant to say is that I saw two teenagers at Niagara Falls with insulin pumps on their arm like yours. I heard them talking to another person about Dexcom and which one they liked the best. I thought, ‘I know an awful lot about what they’re talking about because of Allison.’” Apparently it was a family with two teenage sisters who are both T1D.

On a sidenote, one of my past JDRF donors has 12 grandchildren and said that 7 of them have T1D. That’s a lot of T1D in one family.



So I went to a professional Lunch and Learn today. I got there just in time and grabbed an open seat next to another woman. Then her pocket started beeping and she pulled out a pump. I asked if she was Type 1 and she said she was impressed that I didn’t mistake her pump for a pager. She said she was going to be beeping a lot for the next hour. I told her I would be, too, because I had just started a new G5 sensor and it was convinced I was crazy low even though I wasn’t.

So we beeped in harmony together for an hour. That was nice.



I almost walked into oncoming traffic the other day because I was so excited to spot another 670g user across the street. He was off walking in the other direction so he got away, but it definitely brightened my day just to know there was another diabetic working in corporate Philadelphia grabbing Wawa on lunch breaks :star_struck:



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I love that you said “he got away”…I am cracking up! I would so have chased him down!






Yeah, I asked this lady, “Is that a Medtronic? Which model is that??”

I would not have known any of these things if it weren’t for FUDders.

She’s like, “It’s a Medtronic. I have no idea what model. It’s old.”

I’m going to have to play it cooler next time…

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:joy: it’s too hard holding in that excitement! I could literally talk about diabetes all day. My boyfriend’s best friend just got diagnosed and asked me what I thought about the pumps out there now, and I emailed him a novel… he had a two sentence reply HAH



I guess that’s why we’re all here at FUD :woman_shrugging:



Wonder where they got that??? I would LOVE to get a few!




So weird…I was just looking at those as this post popped up!!! I was trying to also get one that looked like the direct donation logo but who do I contact??

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Thank you very much for the link @ClaudnDaye ! I very much appreciate the link and the time you spent to send it to me. :sunny:

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I love running into other people with T1D. I’ve never spotted anyone else with it, due to my visual impairment and diabetes accessories being pretty small to spot. But once years ago I sat down at a conference table and pulled out my pump. The person next to me went, “Is that an insulin pump?” I said it was, and that I was surprised she knew what it was. She went, “That’s because I have one, too!” and pulled out her pump. So we spent the next two days talking about T1D rather than the actual topic of the conference.



Mine is even more rare- Type 3C. I haven’t ever met anyone else with it.

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