Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures

My mom’s trying to talk me into calling my insurance company tomorrow to start an inquiry into getting a new pump. It’s going to be a long process, it might not even happen, and I’m happy as can be doing injections right now, but I told her I would at least start.

So I hear you all talking about your pods, but I have no idea what they look like or how they’re worn or how they work… so… if anyone’s willing to take a pic of one in the wild, it would be much appreciated. I guess I’m going to start a little pump window shopping…

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You can request a free non-functioning demo pod from Insulet. I would recommend it. It was wearing one of these that convinced me that the OmniPod is not huge and annoying.




I’ll do ya one better. I will send you a box of pods (10) and a new PDM. I have a few extra PDM’s because…well, you know. :smiley:

I’ll even program the PDM for you with your numbers.



That’s what they look like in real life, @Nickyghaleb!

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When does the warranty on your current pump end?

Does it come with that butt? Because that’s a firm looking butt, and my mind is already made up.

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A little less than 3 years… but people are managing to move away from their 670s anyway. There was someone today who told the group about how he got his doctor to write a letter to the insurance company… Long story. He needed to prove the 670 was harmful to his management. I’ve got LOGS of evidence. Not sure it’ll do any good, but I can make the call and start looking around anyway. As I said, I’m doing injections, so I’m not really pressed…

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Sure - that would be the easy part.

What was the response from the insurance company and which insurance company?

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BTW - You could get (possibly) a Tandem X2 for $1k.


No… yeah??


What are pods? Maybe I’m asking about the wrong thing???

Excellent question— I don’t think he told us which insurance company, but the insurance company’s answer was yes. He’s already received his Tslim and is awaiting the Dexcom. And he doesn’t have to return his 670G… which means he could pawn it off on some poor unsuspecting diabetic… :smiley:

Only kidding.

How can you get the X2 for $1000?? Is that what they cost?? I’d still have to consider selling a child, but I’ve had a good run with the biggest one and have really caught all the “cute” he’s had to offer…



That would actually work perfectly for my current get up…


I know this whole thing is just a clever ploy to get pictures of my butt. All you have to do is ask.

But really, I can send you some.

Pods are like the infusion sets. The part that delivers the insulin. Just like any pump, except no tubes. So the pods are bigger than a normal infusion set, but have no tubing.

You can google the heck out of it and find pictures. But the real way to know is to try it. That’s what I am offering you. A working sample.



Limited time offer that Tandem is running.
Basically you rent an X2 for the duration of your current warranty for $1k.
Fine print in the offer that likely makes it non-applicable for many people.
Offer is only available until the end of this year so if you might be interested, check it out before it expires.

Generally cash price for the X2 is $5000.
Obviously most people go through their insurance company.


I do not love T1D, but I’m a big fan of podding. It’s not a huge PITA and I didn’t even have to buy ginormous underwear for when I butt-pod it.


I would take him up on the offer.
No better way to see if something works for you.


I will look into it ASAP and pass on info to my group. There are a lot of unhappy pumpers in there who are counting down the minutes until they can move. I’m not sure any of them will qualify, but I’ll let them figure it out. Thanks, Thomas!!

And actually… are all pods butt pods, or are you guys just sick?