Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures



This is the link:

Basal-IQ™ Technology Upgrade Program


Someone has beaten you to it… to the offer… but she did it in a PM, so I’m not sure she wants to be identified. Though she was all about the fact she beat you to it. :smiley:

But here’s the thing… I don’t want to be greedy and over-accept. That’s genuine. I also have no idea what you guys are offering… I’ve asked for pictures, which I’ve received :roll_eyes:, and now there’s been talk of pods AND now a PDM, which I have no idea what it is, and a PDM with my numbers… which sounds magical…

So friend lady, whose identity only I know at current, can we talk out in the open so that I can figure out what I can accept without being a greedy pig but also make sure I don’t pass off a really cool one-time opportunity from being too … not greedy?

Or are pods like something you can find down at the Dollar Store, and I’m making this a way bigger deal than what it is, and now you’re all laughing…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@T1Allison, were you actually making an offer of some kind?? Of a butt?

What is happening here? :thinking:


There are nice people here, eh?

A pod without a PDM doesn’t do much for you. You can tape a matchbook to your arm and see what a pod “feels” like. But to really know, you need a PDM too.

I have plenty of stuff. Tell me what you want to do. I can send you a PDM, a PDM and pods, or whatever.

Me and the mystical lady can both contribute, whatever you want.


I think she just self-identified ?


I knew you were going to beat me! I already addressed the envelope, but I only put one pod in there.

I was trying to mail Nicky one so she could check it out, since I owe the universe one that you gave to Eric and converted us!!!

You’re amazing!!!


You are a gem, Kim. I like both of you two.


Are you … accusing me of pretending to have another offer??

That is brilliant, and I’m going to have to remember that for my next innocent request… :smiley:


I don’t even know what that means.

I was just playing and getting my post to show up right before Kim’s post. Minor amusement.


I actually think @Eric is super right here. Getting your hands on the PDM, and the pods and giving it a whirl is really helpful. We had the chance of checking out @Eric’s when we met in person and that was very useful.

The other thing that I will add, is that sometimes it is an awful fight with insurance, and other times it isn’t as bad as you would expect. I feel like many insurance companies have been rolling out support for the Omnipod, compared to previous years.

You should take Eric up on his offer for a box of pods, although I’m happy to send one too (we’ve yet to master running a surplus - although I’m working on it - there was an insurance snafu this spring coupled with my own issues in ordering and we used up our backlog).

But even sticking one on the arm and testing it out was helpful - if anyone’s reading and has a test pod handy - it really made it seem much easier than a pump had seemed to us in the past. No tubes are amazing.


Hahahahah! I was SO mystified!

Truthfully, I’m a very gullible person at times. So I wondered how you knew!!! :rofl:


@Eric / @TravelingOn

How does the insurance work on the Omnipods?

With the Tandem, the insurance pays for the pump. Insurance then pays for supplies.
Insurance will pay for a new pump in four years when the warranty runs out.

But with Omnipod, it is all supplies. Right? Other than the PDM which I don’t think is a big expense? So does the typical four-year “get a new pump” even apply with Omnipod?

And if somebody is switching from a durable pump like Medtronic or Tandem or Animas over to the Omnipod then would the insurance care about the four year aspect?


I actually didn’t think so. I was only joking… and then realized just how good an idea it was. :grin:


I saw you about to post.


The PDM is also on a 4 year warranty. Insulet will pay for any defective PDM, as long as it is under warranty.

After 4 years, you can keep using it (as long as they are making pods that are compatible) but if it has a problem or dies, you would need to pay for a new one. At which point you have a new 4 year warranty.

Is that what you are asking?


Which makes your offer all the sweeter. :two_hearts: So then if @Eric is still offering… I’ll take him up on it??


Which I just figured out… and is ALSO why this kind of communication is so dangerous… because it really did look like you were asking me if i were self-identifying… which would end up in a serious butt-shopping…


I am getting dizzy trying to follow this thread, Why don’t you, Thomas, and Kim decide, and tell me what to do. :smiley:

Yes, I will send you a box and a PDM, just let me know.


But the PDM is only like $800 ? So the price range is not even in the ballpark of durable pumps.

So if somebody like Nicky wanted to switch from the Medtronic over to the Omnipod but she has 3 years left in her warranty - would the insurance really care? Or are the Omnipod supplies more expensive than the durable pump supplies but with lower upfront costs such that over a four year period, the entire cost balances out?




Sorry. I was just interested in the concept of switching mid-warranty and the costs and the logistics.

Didn’t mean to hijack the conversation.