What do you love about the OmniPod?

I thought it was about time to start a positive thread about the OmniPod!

It’s been almost a month since @EricH has been pumping with the OmniPod and overall it’s been a good experience.

Things we love:

  • ease of microbolusing for correction (don’t have to get out the supplies to inject)
  • different ratios for correction factor and insulin to carbohydrate ratios depending on the time of day
  • not having to mess around with basal injections right before bed
  • not having to pull out the pen and needles right before a meal
  • ability to suspend basal before exercising
  • ease of night time corrections, either one of us can suspend/lower or increase insulin delivery if needed during the night
  • good customer service over the phone for issues

What do other folks using the OmniPod like?

  • Not having to hold a pump every time I’m not wearing something with pockets or a belt. Being able to just get out of bed with both hands free.
  • Never feeling “tethered to” or “weighed down by” a pump.
  • Not having to bolus or disconnect before a shower, bath, swim, sauna, etc.
  • No g.d. tubes to get caught, twisted, pulled, blocked, nibbled by cats.
  • It forces me to change sites every three days, whereas I’d probably leave a tubed set in longer despite the risk of eventual tissue damage.

It being tubeless.

Most pumps are basically the same thing, with slightly different menus. The tubeless aspect is what’s completely different about it, and the only reason I am using it.


The huge difference for us is being tubeless also: being able to use it for any sport is a game changer. It is extraordinary how much safer a swim practice is if you are able to dial in the right basal and not worry too much about either dropping like a stone or rising to dangerous levels.

For parents of a kid, being able to inject often at night without waking your kid can make a big difference to the amount of sleep they get.


@Beacher your reasons for liking the OmniPod are the reason that EH never used a pump prior to now. While it seems like a lot of PWD using a pump are not bothered by the tubed aspect, we both were not interested. Glad they made a tubeless option!


We used to have this with the Animas Ping.
** grumble * grumble * grumble **
No idea why all the pumps do not have a remote. The concept seems pretty trivial. The Ping was approved back in 2008 so not like the concept of a meter remote is a leap in technology.


Geez, with all of these glowing positive comments about the omni pod, maybe I’ll have to try one…well, maybe not. I would probably miss my injections.:wink:


Another vote for tubeless: can’t imagine doing twisty yoga poses with a tubed pump…and not pulling it out often.


I would have thought that tubed sites would get pulled out often, but in an active 14 year old, in 14 months we have only lost one site that way, and it was during wrestling with me. That includes a year of swimming, Jui Jitsu, Cross Country, catching for baseball, etc.


AFAIK, we have never had a site pulled out.

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my decision to use my Medtronic (with tubing) was in part due to the fact that Medicare does not pay for the POD. but, the tubing has never once bothered me, and the set site is tiny and fits with my tiny body and lack of much sub q .

although i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a waterproof pump, it would drive me crazy to have to find fleshy spots to attach a POD. i couldnt do it with the Dex, so i doubt i could do it with a POD. also, i like that my set site is so tiny, that it is unnoticable, while the POD is much more visible. yes, i am vain. :wink:

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AFAIK, for all practical purposes, the current versions of the Dexcom (transmitter/sensor), Omnipod (pods), Animas, Tandem and Medtronic pumps are all waterproof. (Remotes not included and often times specifically not waterproof.)

The companies all give different descriptions and you can certainly nit-pik between them.

My definition of waterproof is dropping it in a pool (or jumping in with it) and taking about 15 minutes to get it off the bottom and still have it working AS WELL as the company replacing it under warranty on the off chance it stops working specifically due to water damage.


I just got a sample (non-working) pod and am surprised at how small it is. I plan to stick it on the most inconvenient location I can think of, such as my back, to see if it bothers me.

My big question about the pods is whether I’d be able to use them, since plastic infusion sets for me tend to die within 24 hours. I’m hoping the OmniPod people will lend me a PDM and I can buy some pods to try it out for a month or so. (I’m not saying I want to switch to the OmniPod, but I’m evaluating all my options: Tresiba, pods, other pumps, before making a decision.)

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Not sure if it’s the same in Canada, but in the U.S. there is a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

I have some spare PDM’s. I can lend you one for a few months if you want. No biggie, just send it back with some maple syrup. :yum:

Yeah, but my major problem is that my insurance through work only covers one pump, period. So if they cover a pump, that’s it. I have to make sure that whatever pump I choose is the one I ultimately want, because I wont’ get a second chance to change my mind (unless I change jobs and the new insurance covers pumps, which is not a guarantee).

I may take you up on this offer. I think pods would be relatively simple for me to get, since both the government and my insurance covers them.

Sure whatever you need. I have plenty. I can even throw some pods your way too.

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Double-check with Omnipod about this. I’m covered under my partner’s work plan, which pays a measly $5000 in pump supplies in a lifetime (my province pays outright for the pump/PDM and about 2/3 the cost of pods). I started with the 90-day trial period, and Omnipod spoke to province and insurance and I was assured that if I decided not to stay with Omnipod, all monies would be returned to all parties and it would not count against my lifetime allowance with insurance (SSQ/ClaimSecure). Of course insurance policies and provinces differ, but I did find the Omnipod people very helpful in handling the perplexities.


I met with my CDE/pump trainer yesterday and she said to get creative about placement and suggested a couple of spots recommended by our very own @Eric!


What insurance company? This seems awfully weird to me.

This year I have spent enough on prescriptions that BC Pharmacare is now paying 100% of my prescriptions and my insurance company is off the hook (except for the Dexcom stuff).

Family Maximum: The family maximum protects you (and, if applicable, your family) from high expenses. If your contributions towards eligible costs reach this amount, PharmaCare pays 100% of your eligible costs for the rest of the year.”

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In the spirit of the holidays, I am thankful that our site has taken off, and absolutely love that we have enough members from different countries that we are able to have members discuss and help each other on non-US countries health care system issues. That is just awesome!