Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures



It’s about $100 now. They make their money on the pods, not the PDM.

I can’t fully put together sentences for this right now! You are asking me insurance questions late at night! Not gonna even try!


You didn’t. Thank you for chiming in!!


Okay. I just wanted to thank everyone. I came for a picture, and I’m signing out with information, some great questions, and a sample. You guys are the best. :heart:


So what are we doing, am I sending you some stuff now?


You have to ask?? :crazy_face:


@Eric, I just want to say, that is such a nice gesture! Wow!

I thought I’d mention too, I’ve read where OmniPod is running a special of sorts right now. They are shipping free PDMs. I’m not sure if the pods (box of ten) are included or not.


Yes? Is that okay??


This is more information that I will have to pass onto my group. I’ll go see if I can find anything out now. Thank you!!



I should’ve known it. :grin:


Yes, of course. Just let me know all the stuff. It is too late to think anymore. Pods and PDM, right?

PM me your address, but do it in the morning.

Not one of your sleeping PM’s that looks like this:

Hjkl I am goint to the siuhjn in abot sdfls nwot.


LOL … I worry about making those kinds of posts all the time! Too funny!


@Nickyghaleb, right now the Tandem X2 has Predictive Suspend, meaning that it will suspend basal for you if it predicts you will go low. Based on what people say who use it (@Thomas for instance) the feature works very well, not like your 670G. This is a very important feature for us, so we would look carefully at that right now.

We are happy podders, but Predictive Suspend can save your life at night :slight_smile:


I sort of don’t understand; they’re renting you the pump for a year for 1 grand and you still have to return it? $1,000 is a lot to rent something for just a little bit of time. What’s the upside here for a person who has insurance? Just that they can jump ship on their old pump until they are able to buy a new pump through insurance?


@Nickyghaleb, PDM is the remote control. Pod is the tubeless pump that sticks on your body. Pod has to be changed every 3 days (with 8 hour grace period after 72 hours if you need it). PDM is also a tester.


That’s a quote… was that mine??


This is definitely what I’ve heard. My friend, @Jattzl, has put up some pictures of her suspends, and they just look so flexible and fluid. It’s the problem with the Manual Mode suspend feature on the 670G— nice thought but too rigid. And the Minimum Delivery in Auto Mode is also a nice thought, but it just doesn’t translate well with needing to rely on my very, very laggy sensor. It’s possible I’ll have the same problem with the Tandem. It would make for an interesting comparison either way.


Bear in mind that the Tandem Basal-IQ requires the Dexcom G6 in order to operate. So the cgm system you currently use would not be relevant here.

I think the Tandem t:slim X2 with the Basal-IQ algorithm in conjunction with the Dexcom G6 is awesome and is working really great for us. The reality is significantly better than my expectations.

That being said, I would absolutely take @Eric up on his suggestion for you to try out the Omnipod system. That could be delivered to your door before you even got a call back from any company’s rep (or insurance person or whatever) regarding a possible change to a new pump system.


Right. And thank the heavens. :grin:

Okay… wow. How often does that happen? :heart:

I am and already have. Even followed specific instructions about not leaving my address late at night.

This is the greatest site, I think. FUD. Considering where I’ve come from with my lack of understanding or control or motivation, I can always enjoy feeling capable in here.

I’d stay around and bore you more, but I’ve got pump phone calls to make. :grin:


The Basal-IQ has also exceeded our expectation. It works fantastically, my son is able to be more aggressive with his insulin dosing, and when he is predicted to go low it suspends his insulin, then when it starts trending up, it turns the insulin back on. It is really nice. Additionally, the G6 has been fantastic. The insertion thingamajiggy works great, and the accuracy is spot on for us.


@Eric, I just bought a spare PDM. Thanks for mentioning that possibility. Very good idea.