Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures



That’s cool! What is the going rate now, $100?


I paid $199 but I still felt like it was a bargain. The rep said that was my cost since I am buying out-of-pocket while I have another one under warranty…otherwise it would have been $599, I believe.


They play games with that price, I think. I have heard of people paying $500, $300, $200, and $100. I think @TravelingOn paid $100, if I am not mistaken.

But certainly, in the grand scheme of things, 200 bucks is not a bad price for a backup.

But if your PDM has a malfunction, still get them to swap it. Your backup PDM does not absolve them of their warranty responsibility on your current one!


FYI I also hear of $200 lately. But, as @Eric says, they might play games with that…


Ugh, no. We paid $500 I believe. We were quoted a much lower price, and then I later checked our credit card statement and was horrified. And of course, it was too late to do anything because we already had the PDM. Admittedly, we had about the worst experience attempting to get OmniPod I can possibly imagine. I believe that everybody else at Insulet other than who we worked with actually doesn’t suck. I have come along way in my diabetes advocacy since then, and would handle it very differently.

That is amazing! Everyone, just take one for free! Then you’ll have a spare! Maybe I’ll call them! Even $100, it would be a good deal to have a back up. We tried to get a spare quite sometime ago, and they were absolutely ridiculous about it. They want to charge us hundreds of dollars or something BECAUSE we already had one.

Also @Thomas I have been trying to figure out how much we actually pay for the pods every month at this point, and I haven’t been able to determine it. I’ve handed over ordering to Eric since I’ve been pretty sick lately, and we haven’t managed to the lineup about the monthly cost yet.


I think that is the difference. I read in this post, that they were getting a free PDM and a box of 10 pods (pods through insurance)

I just tried now to get a free PDM, but as I’m already a customer, they want to put it through my insurance. I asked how much it would cost me out of pocket (OOP), if I didn’t go through insurance, and they replied, $500.00. I’m sure my insurance will cover a new one, but I’m not 100% sure I want to lock myself in for another warranty period (mine has been up for about a year). $500.00 is a lot, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do now, I just don’t want to lessen my options for the immediate future. I know I don’t want DASH, so I should just go with this and keep good thoughts going that LOOP will become available soon for OmniPod!

Sorry for the rambling.


I just called them and got some info on their current pricing.

The free PDM offer is only for new customers that are changing from another pump. If you are new and are switching pumps, you can get a free PDM and 1 box of 10 free pods (depending on your insurance and what state you live in).

For new customers that are not pump users, the PDM cost is $199.

For existing customers, it is also $199.


That price is wrong. It should be $199.

I just asked about this. It depends on who you talked to, but you got sent to the wrong place apparently.

If you want the $199 price, call the main Insulet number (800-591-3455), hit #4 on the phone prompts, and ask for Liam. Tell him Eric sent you. :wink: If you call him today, he will remember me.

I guarantee you can get that $199 price.


I sent you the stuff today. I also included some FreeStyle strips, because part of the goodness of the whole thing is the combined BG meter and pump. So I wanted you to see that part of it too.

Should get it on Tuesday.

Check out the box I used! That is the best part of it all, it will crack you up. When you get it, post a picture of the box. :smiley:


Thank you! I called the same number, but selected option #2 for ordering. I thought perhaps the difference in price was because my PDM is out of warranty and they want to put it through insurance first. I’ll give option #4 a try! I appreciate the help to save $300!



So much goodness in all of it. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. :two_hearts:

Just better not be a Barbie box… because I bet you have some of those lying around. :grin:

Dearest @Eric,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…For making all of this happen, for making having diabetes cool, and for opening up windows all over the place.

That’s sappy but sincere. :heart:


Ask for Liam, reference your chat with me. He assured me there would be no discrepancy, $199 would be the price.

Please share what you find!


You are welcome!


Dang it. Now I will be waiting all weekend to see that box.

C’mon @Eric! Why didn’t you send it priority overnight Saturday delivery so I could see the box sooner?!??!?? some people




That actually was pretty inconsiderate. :grin:


This really cracked me up ‘cos I almost sent the meter to @Eric in a Fancy Feast box! :smile_cat::smile_cat:


Great conversation here! I was on a 630G Medtronics pump and Liam was able to get me in on the FREE PDM and box of 10 pods deal. PODS themselves are run through my prescription side under Express Scripts, so no cost to me! Even my insulin is covered!

I’m about 5 pods in and absolutely LOVE not being tethered by a tube any more. I just wish it held more than 200 units (medtronic was 300) and didn’t have a hard/fast 72 hour+8 shut off. Oh well!


I’ve been nervous… not really sure why… but now I feel like I’m not alone. :hugs: You’re doing exactly what I’m about to do—and you sound very happy. I’m still nervous, but excitement is moving back in again.

I have learned to only fill to 180 units anyway, so that’s a good fit, but I’m also worried about that hard shut off. Almost everything I do is kind of just past expired— but I guess I’ll learn.

How come the switch from the 630?? And you weren’t interested in the 670G? :grin:


Didn’t you start on the 19th or 20th this month? I figure that makes 3 pods in. Are you having problems and needing to replace them sooner?

The upside is, you’ll be much less likely to have problems with lipohypertrophy and related tissue problems. As someone who would happily leave a comfortable pod in place for a month if I could, and as someone who still has lipoatrophy from childhood, I appreciate being forced to rotate.


Yeah, I had some fail. They replaced them.

Tried one on my forearm but my muscles made it fall off in < 24 hours so I went back to stomach.

I’ve been listening to the Juicebox Podcast and liked the idea of not being tethered so I thought I’d give the Omnipod a try. I tend to sleep mostly on my back but occasionally on my side, and with the 630 I had to wear shorts and keep it in a pocket, which would jab my hips and make them sore.

670 wasn’t an option since I’m technically still diagnosed as T2 and Medtronic won’t touch it unless I’m re-coded to a T1. My doc was willing, but then there’s the issue of a cash upgrade charge since I’m still in warranty. But most importantly, I LOVE Dexcom and refuse to go to Medtronic sensors. I love no finger sticks of the G6.

I think I have a little over 2 years left warranty wise on my 630G. I’m thinking at that point unless things drastically change of going over to the Tslim as they use dexcom and integrate well.

Another issue I’ve been noticing is that the canula in the Omnipod seems bigger, and as a result it tends to hurt sometimes, particularly when I bump it. Does this happen to others? Ideas? I’m a klutz.

Omnipod placement: where is best?