Omnipod Leaks Update

Hi all! I just wanted to post an update in case anyone was interested. Back on January 5th I posted about my 13 year old daughters leaking PODs and how frustrated I was. Well that same day I called her endo who put me in touch with our clinical services manager here in Michigan and got us some PODs to try that were not from our supply. We tried a POD from a different lot and no leaking (we got 3 days) and as a matter of fact we’ve gotten 3 days out of all except one that was sadly the victim of a bad accident with the counter. The clinical services manager said they believe it to be an issue with the shipment so Insulet is replacing all the PODs we currently have with a different lot. Today is day 3 on the fourth POD not from our supply so I guess we will see how it goes.

I just wanted to thank everyone for jumping in and giving me ideas on what may be happening. We have enough unknowns without throwing the POD in there as well!


Thanks for the update. I am glad you got it worked out.

I too ran into a similar situation where an order of pods was causing me problems and then once I worked through that supply all the POD problems went away.

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In the past, we have had issues with “bad lots” of PODs as well–although not common.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing. That’s great to know. And I’m glad your daughter is having more luck. Good news!


Great news, @finny1981!

Insulet is a great company. I am glad they delivered for you!

You ran into a fairly unusual situation. Glad it got resolved! I hope to see you here often.