7 Pod Failures

I’ve had 7 pods fail in a month’s time. 2 different boxes; same shipment. All codes indicate insulin delivery stopped. All were in different areas of my abdomen. Diabetes educator suggested not using abdomen (ps—I do rotate all over my body). Put one on my thigh on Friday. It also failed today. I opened a new shipment AND a new bottle of insulin for this replacement, so fingers crossed. Any thoughts/experiences? I’m about to go back to my Medtronic pump if this continues.

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I had a similar experience with one box of pods last year, no idea why. It was my last box and so I ordered more and no problem since then. My CDE and PCP rewrote my pod and insulin prescriptions so that I can change them every 2 days, as needed. That’s been a big help, too, with many fewer Tech Support calls.


What kind of failure are you experiencing? We usually swap between our sons right and left thigh - top and side, cannula up and cannula down…we have 8 spots total and one spot (top up for instance) doesn’t see action for 18 days after we remove from that spot so that we keep his skin fresh and avoid occlusion, site irritation, and allow for healing of hole made from current POD.

Back in 2018 I did post about a bunch of POD failures all at once from the same box, but I don’t believe I’ve had issues with back to back boxes causing errors. My son has been using PODs since 2016 or so and we very rarely have errors.

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There were times when I got many failures out of the same box. I called Insulet and had the whole box replaced. They did that for me.

My rule is 3 times in a single box and I will ask for it to be swapped.

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