5 PODs from the same box receive errors

Has anyone ever found an entire box to malfunction? 7 days now, we’ve gone through 5 PODS…today is the 6th. They are receiving errors 1 to 2 days early forcing us to change them out. We’ve decided we’re not going ot use the other 5 PODs in that box and request replacements for the rest…we usually have one error POD in a MONTH…we’ve now had 5 in the past week. It’s very frustrating (for Liam especially.)

I had a box with pods that gave me 3 straight errors. I was going to swap it out if I had any more errors from them, but…the next 7 pods worked fine. :confused:

If I had 5 errors I would definitely swap it out.

What were the errors?

Correction: Today makes the FIFTH Pod Error, not the 6th.

The 4 below plus one that didn’t connect correctly. She didn’t hear the beeps during insulin fill-up, then she attempted to prime and it wouldn’t even connect she said. I didn’t experience this so I’m explaining as Erin is telling me how it happened.





I recently had a bad box of PODS. Super frustrating and hard to prove.

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Fortunately they are very good about replacing them.

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Yea, my personal theory (from when I used to work for UPS) is the temperature fluctuations in transit. Those trucks are like Furnaces or Freezers.