Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures



@bpollina, same occasionally happens to my son. We try to pick parts of the body with a touch more padding. In the application process, we pinch around the body of the pod (under it of course), and also push down on the pod with a finger as we insert the canula.

Still, occasionally it does hurt.


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@bpollina, I found this from another thread… from @Aaron’s comment. Don’t know if you already know this?? I plan on reading and rereading everything before I sit down with it tomorrow— and then try to erase all the talk of blood… Have you had problems with bleeding??


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Omnipod placement: where is best?


So will the box for in a little community mailbox? Or will it need to come to my door?

I’m nervous all of a sudden… like… you ever see the movie Seven?


I mean…it is almost Halloween! I totally think you should totally be scared.


Right to your door, DN. And you won’t even need to open it to be horrified.


Wow, that is so creepy!! Nicely done, @Eric. For some reason I’m being a stinker today and stoking fires just to watch them burn. Hmmmm. I’ll go self-analyze now.


I have been wondering for 2 days what kind of box @Eric could possibly use that would be horrifying to me but bring him such sheer delight…

Honestly, I was expecting some kind of “female product” box because that’s the very thing that immature men find hysterical (and think women are horrified by), but I couldn’t have been more wrong…

It was horrifying and sent a wave of shock and confusion rippling through my body…




Well played, @Eric. You’re a sick man.


:rofl: that was good. Not often, but sometimes he’s good. :grin:


Is it weird that I’ve actually wondered about this a few times today? Along with wondering if the home renovation blogger I read has had her house painted yet? Perhaps it’s time to step away from the web…

Edited to add… I should have started with “Good work, Eric”. Too funny :smile:


Omg… @Eric, well played! And @Nickyghaleb, this pic was priceless!!! A true Halloween story :slight_smile:


Looks like even the delivery person didn’t want anything to do with it – dropped it and ran!


I’m wondering how @Eric had a Medtronics box in the first place. What is he keeping from us ?


:rofl::rofl: excellent point. :joy:


I have built a lot of things in my diabetes lab, and have a lot of pieces and parts from different things over the years. Lots of different infusion sets and stuff from different companies.






What is that?

And who are you?

And why so defensive?! :rofl: