Never Seen a Real Pod and am Asking for Pictures



No, I was just saying why I had it. I have boxes from all the companies.


I believe you. Don’t know if anyone else is buying it… :grin:

I’m kidding!! You know I’m kidding. :grin:


So dirty it looked sitting there like that… and ominous. :grin:


Would you like to add an authentic medtronic waterproof Sportcase, from 1990s? It had a funky way of allowing the tubing to go thru the side. I think I used it once and it leaked!
I’m sure you could identify the flaw and improve on it.


You sound like my uncle. It freaked out his movers when they saw his collection of stuff to be moved. He used to design hospital beds and got to keep the prototypes. And he’s a hunter. They thought he was WEIRD and he heard them talking about him, “What’s up with this guy? He has hospital beds and lots of weapons? Knives? This is creepy.”

I bet your diabetes lab is pretty interesting.


I was convinced the box would be pink. Lol!


It’s a big collection of stuff.







One thing that was useful to learn is that you can’t get sterile injectable dextrose solution without a prescription. But it is pretty easy to get the veterinary grade dextrose. It is the same thing, and is also sterile. It works the same.

So I incorporated as an animal research facility and got veterinary grade. They use it for cows that are nursing because their blood sugar drops a lot.

Since rats and mice get cured a lot, I actually bought some of the stuff they use for animal research in some of my pump customization’s. The rodents have all the good stuff. Here is a catalogue I have bought from.

My lab reminded my son of Walter White’s meth lab from Breaking Bad, so he bought me this bobble-head as a lab mascot. :smiley:

Anyway, that’s the lab.


Oh wow, Danger!


@T1john, here’s one thread… I know it’s in here…

Now I’ll go look over there, too. :grin:

If you can’t get what you need from it, let me know, and I’ll just call them and ask. :grin:


What is this, @Eric?? :grin:


Which picture are you asking about?


…I hope I’m not disappointed! This just got interesting!


Where are we??? And how are both of you responding to this so quick?? :rofl::rofl:

I was talking about your lab pics, @Eric… I don’t know how I missed them, but I did. But now I’m more interested in this behavior here… :thinking: In particular, what @T1Allison is hoping she’s stumbled upon… :rofl::rofl:


I mean, I’d be happy with anything, really. Weird, funny, salacious, whatever. I’m pretty easy to entertain.


Let it be known then… you asked.

Let me go see what I can dig up… :thinking:


I can tell you one thing about the way that lab looks… I have seen one too many horror flicks with those exact items. I’m not sure if any outsiders have ever seen it, @Eric, but if they have, they’re telling stories about you to this day. :grin:


…said the woman with the pornographic mural painted on her wall…

Am I remembering that correctly?


I’m pretty sure it was in pencil. And I completely forgot that I shared that on FUD. Until now.

Well played, Eric.


Well played. :grin:

She is a curious one. :rofl::rofl:


Said from the highest level of love and admiration, @T1Allison… You have no way of knowing that, but that’s where it came from. I was laughing, but it was not at you…

Now I’m afraid you took that the wrong way. I had nothing but total respect on that whole mural thing— I won’t let Eric throw you under the bus for that… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: