Type 1 Group-Portland

Hi all

Some of you may remember me from TuDiabetes where I was active for several years. You might also know that I started a very wonderful Type 1 Women’s Group in the SF Bay Area in 2010 which has been going strong ever since and is an amazing source of connection, support and learning. I left that area in 2011 and whenever I was in the Bay Area would join the group for a pot luck which they do periodically. Also there is an e-mail tree which I asked for support when I was in Cuba and struggling with lows.
I now live in Portland and was hoping to start a group here. The local branch of the JDRF (which supported the group in the Bay Area) hasn’t been too helpful but if I can connect with a few interested people here I would find a meeting site and then ask the JDRF to advertise it in their newsletter. I am not totally invested in it being a Women’s Group if I hear from enough male Type 1’s that would like to be a part of the group. My e-mail is zoelula2@gmail.com if you want to connect.


Thanks for throwing this out there. My son may be interested. I think there are quite a few FUD’ers in PDX.


Wonderful, Chris, have him e-mail me. There are formal groups which are largely educational in nature but very little of just Type 1’s supporting each other…kind of like what the DOC does but in real time!


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