In Need of a Support Group for a Newly Diagnosed Teen...Does anyone know of somewhere for the teen and not just the mom?

I haven’t even looked around in here as I’m only trying to find some quick ideas for a friend. There is a very concerned mom of a newly diagnosed 19 year old who is basically refusing to test or engage. Mom’s pretty upset, understandably. If any of you have any ideas for where her daughter may be able to connect with other young adults, or even if anyone has some helpful words for mom, I’d like to just include this link in my response to her. In the meantime, I’ll keep surfing the web (do people still say that?) and collecting viruses while clicking on fake links…


I know @Chris and @Michel have T1 teens, but younger .

And I think there are a few around here that are in the young 20’s set.

I am sorry to say, I do not know a specific place for teens. But she is certainly welcome to come here and I am sure we can provide some support. Extend an invite.

19 can be a tough age even without diabetes thrown in.


19 is tough. All of the camps I know about are for minors. I vaguely recall seeing one camp online that took young adults T1’s, I will try and find that.

Like @Eric says, if they are in my area, I can introduce them to a bunch of T1’s, in fact my son is over at a party with all of this camp dia-buds on the lake.


Well, 19 can be a lot of fun, too… with all that youth and energy and knowing all of your skin and body parts are still up wherever they’re meant to be… so it’s not ALL bad… but I agree.

Hmmm… okay. I was hoping you guys would have something for the mom to look into. I’ll see if she wants to divulge their general location. I’ll keep looking…

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What fun… that sounds great! I’m jealous. :slightly_smiling_face: I know I have some parents of teens in my group, too… maybe I’ll see if we can’t help organize something… or something…:neutral_face:

I don’t know if a conference would be out of the question, but I have seen testimonials online from teenagers who were really off the rails with T1D rebellion and it was the Children With Diabetes/Friends for Life conference experience that got them back in the game. Seeing other teenagers dealing with it saved their lives.

[My husband and I want to go to a Diabetes Sisters conference once we feel more okay being away from our kiddos for a few days. They have great seminars/round tables for spouses of T1D women.]


Our local JDRF chapters are also great for emergency support peer-to-peer…


That’s very nice of you to pass along the info. I am going to look it up and pass it along to her, too.

That’s very interesting… I didn’t even know these things exist. I’m trying to decide if it would be a good thing or bad thing to have my husband sit around and talk with others of his kind… :thinking:

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