Miaomiao & best follower app for a Parent who needs sleeep!

Hi can anyone help. Recently purchased the MiaoMiao but what is the best App to use? I read about xdrip but can not seem to find where to download it.

What we would like to do is download an app that as parents we can be followers that has an alarm to alert us when his BG is too high or too low. Hopefully this will give him the freedom to go to friends houses without mum tagging along.
Does anyone also know of great childs smart watch that might be a better way to go so he can use it in school rather than a phone?
He is 8yrs old. a
Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you


Welcome @HeatherR, our resident Xdrip expert @docslotnick will be by eventually to answer any additional questions you have, but here is a thread that doc participated in that talks about how to download. As far as the watch, that is possible but a mixed bag from my perspective. I would keep the phone on your child. My school orders ensure my son cannot be separated from his phone.

Hi @HeatherR Download the latest nightly app at

Then after it’s installed, make sure Bluetooth and Location is enabled on your phone. Then start the Source Wizard in the xDrip+ app and follow the directions.

It should just pop up on a new install, but if it’s not there, long press the blood drop icon at the top and toggle it on. Then it will be available on the xDrip+ home screen.

If you have trouble downloading, make sure " download from unknown sources" is enabled on your phone.

Get it going on your phone, then we’ll talk about the watch and getting your son properly outfitted.

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Thank you very much!
Only just got the MiaoMiao do I have to get that up and running first ?

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@HeatherR Yes, that is what communicates with xDrip+. There is no BLE signal from a Libre sensor for xDrip+ to read.

Just making sure you don’t have the 14 day sensors correct?

Yes we have the 14 day sensor? Is that an issue??

How do I make his dad and I followers to get the night time alerts?! And us the 14 day libre sensor an issue??

Yes, to my knowledge only the 10 day sensors have been cracked to work with the MiaoMiao, hopefully they crack the 14 days sensors soon. it is quite a difficult undertaking. Sorry for bearing the bad news.

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@Chris is right, so sorry @HeatherR. It only works in the 10-day sensor so far :frowning:

Hi Chris
I did research it was compatible before I bought it and we started it yesterday and it works!!! I watched a Ytube clip from nerdiabetic comparing Nightrider to the MiaoMiao on freestyle libre.

Phew u had me worried!!

Just need to now know how to be a follower so my phone wakes me up and we can snooze his thru the night…??

Any help be great

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@HeatherR I can’t speak on whether or not the 10 or 14 days sensors work with Miao Miao, but some Miao Miao users are using XDrip+ for alarms. XDrip is an open source Android app that runs on smartphones, tablets, and watches. You can download XDrip+ here, and Miao Miao actually gives great deployment instructions here.

If you decide to download XDrip, make sure you allow software to be installed from unknown sources on your phone or tablet, as XDrip is not available in the PLAY store.

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@HeatherR, another app you could use is Glimp. The last time I checked I think you had to install it directly from the developer’s web site.

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Can anyone help the phone now can’t find the MiaoMiao sensor to xdrip stopped receiving…how can u reboot??

Try turning off the Bluetooth on your phone for +30 Seconds, then re-enable the Bluetooth. They should reconnect automatically

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@HeatherR. Assuming you have xDrip+ reading your miao-miao, there are two ways to het follower alarms.

First is simply from Dexcom Follow. Settings>cloud upload>Dexcom follow. In the follow app on your phone’s you can set alarms to your liking.

Second way is through xDrip+ sync. You set up a sync group by first, installing xDrip+ on your and your husband’s phone. Then set your child’s phone to be master and yours to be followers. Then you’ll have the exact same screens and program that your child sees. You can the take advantage of xDrip+'s extensive alarm capabilities on your phone.


Hi docslotnick,

Can you help the xdrip stopped working after two days and not can not find the transmitter on bluetooth? Someone mentioned its not compatible with the 14 days sensors, but other threads some people say it does.
I tried to download Glimp it also does not read the transmitter?

Any helpful insights greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately that did not work,
but thank you

@HeatherR Go into System Status and click “Restart Collector” a couple of times.

Also, in the three dot menu on the upper right of the xDrip+ home screen you will find “view events log”’. Look at it and see if it can give you some insight as to what the problem is.

I got my miaomiao about 6 months ago, it cracked last week and no longer of any use. Then I found following video online

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