Miaomiao and watch help

Okay. So I’ve stumbled across this forum (which is great by the way) as I am in desperate need of help!

I use a libre sensor and miao miao - used glimp alongside this for almost two years! Apart from the odd glitch, it’s been pretty good.

I’m not having issues where my glimp app isn’t picking up my Miao Miao. Tried all the usual resetting advice and had it work one evening but nothing since. Boo!

I have now managed to download Xdrip+ onto my phone and it is receiving the data from my MM, however I can’t seem to get the readings on my smart watch! I have a huawei phone and my watch is a fossil sport!

Hoping someone will be able to help :crossed_fingers:


Check this topic, mentions need use OS Wear.


And this


The following is from an old post on the xDrip+ gitter support page. Seems like this should help you as this poster is using similar hw to you.