MiaoMiao arrived

Anyone else using the. MiaoMiao with their Libre?

Mine just arrived. Any tips?

I badly need alarms overnight, so I’m looking forward to getting this set up!

(First, off for training on my new YpsoPump! Today is a good diabetes Technology day!)


Wow, is no one else on FUD using the MiaoMiao? :open_mouth:

I used it last night, and it worked great at catching a low of 3.7 mmol/L. Unfortunately, I just rolled over and went back to sleep and somehow muted alarms. I woke up a few hours later at 2.5 mmol/L and as soon as I unlocked my phone it started alarming. I treated that low and went back to sleep. A few hours later, my phone alarmed again saying I was LO, so I got up and treated that. (I’ve set an 80% temp basal for the next 24 hours as I suspect I may continue running low.)

When I got up this morning I turned off audible alarms, but the app still sends me notifications. When I go to bed tonight, I’ll turn audible alarms back off and this time hopefully won’t mute them in my sleep.

I think this setup should work perfectly for my needs with alarms overnight only and using the Libre reader the rest of the day. :slight_smile:


I used to use the MiaoMiao before I switched to the G6! I had good experiences with it all around :grinning:

One tip, you can charge it while you’re wearing it, only issue is the cable it comes with is so short you’re quite restricted while you do it.

I also put opsite-flexifix over top of mine at all times because I found the stickers that come with it aren’t sufficient for holding it down (although I still used them to initially stick it to the sensor). I’ve heard wig glue also works as an alternative to sticking it on, though I’ve not tried it

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I still have my MiaoMiao, but I stopped using it once I switched over from the 10 day to the 14 day sensor. The last I checked, it was not an option to use it with the 14 day. I assume that’s changed?? Or it might still be true in the U.S. maybe??

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I have no idea. Here all sensors are 14-day and we never had a 10-day sensor. I think the US is the only country that ever had a 10-day sensor… I wouldn’t think it was vastly different, but maybe it is…

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Ha ha, I already did this! I slapped it on yesterday right out of the package without even charging it. So then I charged it while attached to my arm. Then I bumped my arm and it fell off (you’re right, the tape that comes with it isn’t great).

I’ll definitely be sticking some Opsite Flexifix over top of it today when I exercise. Initially I was thinking that I’d take the MiaoMiao off during the day and only attach it at night, but I think it’s probably easier just to keep it on all the time (except maybe when I swim, I’m nervous it would fall off in the pool and be lost forever).

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Yeah, in the US the 14 day sensors are incompatible with MiaoMiao - actually with anything that could allow one to have alarms, including apps. :roll_eyes:

I just checked the MiaoMiao website and they say they’re working on compatibility with the 14 day US sensors. I would absolutely try it when that happens.


They’ve been working on that for a while then because that’s what they said before they even rolled them out. I wonder if their “we’re working on it” is anything like my 15 year old’s “in a second”… If so, that’s bad news.

Maybe you’ve seen them already but I have seen little plastic holder thingies to hold it on without adhesive, which could be good if you’re wanting to be able to take it on and off. I’ve never really tried any before though, this is just the least suspect-looking website I could see selling them and I cannot vouch for their quality :stuck_out_tongue:

@glitzabetes, thanks for the links! I’ve heard of that company so they seem like they would be trustworthy. I may check it out, especially in a couple months when I get a new phone that can run LibreLink (my current iPhone doesn’t have NFC). For now, MiaoMiao is the only way to get Libre readings on my phone without carrying around the reader, so I may continue to wear it all the time.

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Hi jen.
I have been using Miaomiao for many months and I am absolutely thrilled, to the point that I bought another one as a reserve, in case of need … :wink:
My experience with stickers has been negative, so I bought the flexible support and now everything is ok, MM stays in the right place for as long as I want and I can remove it when I bathe (I’m not so sure it can be used safely underwater) and put it back on the arm in seconds.
I suppose you are using the Tomato app, I tried it but I immediately returned to xDrip+, which combines perfectly with MM, giving me all the editable settings I want for alarms, targets, limits, etc.
As for charging MM when it is in use, yes, the cable is a bit short, but I solved it using a powerbank instead of the mains, so it can be close to my arm without problems.

I found just now that MiaoMiao price has been reduced starting on Aug 1 from 199.00 to 139.00 US$, a noteworth 60.00 US$ reduction!
And if you want a further US$ 10.00 rebate, you can use this link:

I hope I helped you somehow.
Pippo :grinning:

Hi @PIPPO_PIPPI, welcome to FUD. :slight_smile:

I’m actually using the xDrip ap for iPhone. It’s very limited and just provides a reading and an arrow with high and low alarms, at least the way I’ve been using it (not connected to any online service). However, that’s perfect for me and is all the functionality I need overnight, since during the day I use the Libre reader. I just turn the audible alerts in xDrip on at night and have alarms, and turn the audible alerts off during the day when I don’t need them. It’s a perfect setup for my needs.

I’ve showed with the MiaoMioa on several times and it’s been fine. I believe it’s fully waterproof unless damaged.

Thanks for this information! I bought the MiaoMioa about two weeks ago at the reduced price with the $10 rebate. Shipping to Canada was only $15, so it wasn’t very expensive.