I am a student,and i am type 1 Diabetes

Hello, everyone . my name is Emma.i have been diagnosed with diabetes about ten years.
My parents just are normal worker in factory .but they give me more love and care . i love them .

they brought Dexcom for me .but it is so expensive and the alarm is not very well sometime . so my dad changd dexcom to abbott freestyle libre .

and my friends gift me MiaoMiao Smart libre reader .And my life has a amazing change since then.i don’t need to scan libre frequently to get BG.

MiaoMiao can transfer data from libre to my phone even my watch every 5 mins. So cool.

What’s more ,when i am sleep at night , miaomiao can give me alarm when high or low .my parents also can monitor my Blood Sugar when i am in school .I have used miaomiao about one year .It is amazing device .small body ,large power.

I hope everyone like me can have a easy and relaxing normal libre .I love my parents,my friends. i love everyone who have diabtes.


Thanks for stopping by. Love the decorations on your kit! Glad the Libre is working well for you with the Miao Miao

yeah, i love it ,do you also use miaomiao with your libre?

My son doesn’t, the G6 works really well for him, so we have been using that. Also, we are in the US, so the G6 is fully covered by insurance, so the G6 and Libre would be the same price for us, so going with extra tech (Miao Miao) wouldn’t be as cheap for us. But if the G6 didn’t work as well as it does, or if we were paying out of pocket, we would definitely make the same choice as you. Having access to his blood sugar trends with alarms has been the best thing, and I don’t ever want to go backwards if possible.

that is great. now i am using libre with miaomiao and working very well too :grinning:
Good luck Chris.

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Welcome Emma and remember that the more you learn about diabetes, the more benefits you will have.

Read everything you can, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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