Blood Glucose Readings On My Apple Watch With Miaomiao

When I didn’t think technology could get much better after getting the Freestyle Libre sensor, this has blown my mind!
I did some research into how best to get my blood sugar readings on my Apple Watch and here we have it
If anyone is interested in the process here you go (with Apple Watch):

  1. Ordered the Miao Miao (M) reader online, took 12 days to arrive.
  2. In the meantime requested an invite to download the Spike app or tomato app
  3. Once the M arrived I charged it until the green light appeared (took 1 hour)
  4. Used the stickers provided to place the reader on top of my Libre sensor
  5. Followed the set up tutorial on Spike(tomato will be easier) and used the Watch configuration guide.
  6. Covered both with Rocktape.
    My biggest worry was if it would get in the way but I certainly put the M to the test last night with a contemporary dance class, involving a lot of rolling around the floor! I totally forgot it was there.
    I think the developers of this need a medal and a big thanks to everyone who provided advice! To think this is one of the first of it’s kind, who knows what it might be like in a few years time!
    thanks to mytype1.life