Smartwatch for T1D kid using Libre 1 & Miao Miao 2

Hi all! My 7yo son was T1D diagnosed 4 months ago. He is using FreeStyle Libre 1 and Miao Miao 2. I am looking for a standalone smartwatch with a sim card. The purpose is for him to have on his watch xDrip+ and for us parents to be able to monitor through internet with our smartphones. Any suggestion for such smartwatch that can fit to a child’s wrist? Thank you

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Welcome to FUD @vpap. Unfortunately your options are somewhat limited at the moment. The two watches that are working for folks is one older watch (Sony SW3) that can be obtained on the secondary market and that may require you to jump through some hoops to change the battery. The other is a purpose built watch called the Bluejay. You can read more about the Bluejay here:

Most other smartwatches have limitations due to the battery drain that won’t allow the setup to work well. There are many discussions on this topic if you use the search bar.

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@Chris I’m constantly amazed at the developments like the BlueJay. Seems reasonably priced, given much of what we buy these days, and looks very similar to my Apple Watch but with more information! (I haven’t used xDrip, just have Dexcom and SugarMate).


I am not sure it has more information than your Apple Watch, but your Apple Watch won’t act as a standalone collector. You can of course pair it with your phone and see your blood sugar on the watch today (which works really well), but only when it is near your phone. So for those looking to ditch the phone, but keep the blood sugar, then another tool is needed. There is a fair amount of frustration surrounding this topic because Apple claimed this would be possible and even demo’d an early version of this functionality, which has remained vaporware for a few years.

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Thank you very much Chris, i will search in other discoussions too! I have talked with other parents who are using Q1 Pro 4G for their kids. It works exactly as i want but it is too big for my son 's wrist.

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That is a beefy watch! Probably has a great sized battery though, which is the problem with the small form factor watches.