Standalone Smartwatch for Dexcom G6/G7 and tandem X2 with following and calling option

Hello everybody,

I am a mom to a T1D son (10) and looking for a standalone smartwatch that shows his bg and the option to follow his bg as a parent. I looked into the blue jay, but is it possible to receive texts and/or phone calls on this watch? He is a very active child, playing a lot of sports. Even if he has his phone next to the court, it doesn’t pick up his bg readings. Thank you for any advice!

The BlueJay does a very good job as acting as a standalone collector.
It also does a pretty good job of transferring data to the phone when in range.
Setting up the following portion on xdrip+ can be done, but I don’t have this experience directly. I know there are a few more steps involved, but I am not sure how this works. I did it once upon a time and it DID work, but I was just stumbling through it at the time, and haven’t used it in a long time.