Thinking about a Bluejay watch

Hey guys,

I’m currently running xdrip+ on my phone, which collects data from my libre 3 via juggluco. It works fine.

I’m thinking a watch would be handy for certain situations, either as a standalone collector, or as an addition to the phone.

Not sure if this is possible as a standalone, given my use of juggluco.

Curious about other’s thoughts on this

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I use Dexcom, so I don’t know much about how it would work with a Libre. But I will say that the BlueJay is really useful with Dexcom.

It’s great because you can set it to have no alarms (which is not possible with either the Dexcom receiver or the Dexcom phone app).

And it’s also easy to use. You can set it to display with just the turn of a wrist if you want.

Anyway, if it is compatible with Libre, I think it can be a very helpful addition for you.


I’ve used watches since 2017 ish, and it is definitely worth the investment, however, blu jay is really designed for Dexcom, and unfortunately, i haven’t heard of anyone using it with jugglucco. xdrip has many options, but i prefer wearos especially if its a new purchase… you’ll still have to keep your phone nearby, since libre goes to juglucco, then to xdrip, then to your watch, too much for the watch right now, but the watch chips seem to slowly improve…google watch allegedly has 2gb of ram now, same as the galaxy6 classic and ticwatchpro5, wearos also works great with aaps, and the cgm watch faces will always show your glucose and directional arrows, so you’ll look at your phone a lot less… i often leave my phone on a charger at work.


It’d be a new purchase, never used a smart watch before. There is a version of juggluco for watches, but don’t know if it can be installed on bluejay.

On the other hand, maybe juggluco can be installed alongside xdrip on a watch? Don’t know much about this stuff. I’d envision using the watch as a standalone collector, which would report to the phone thru a web service

for what you are trying to do, wearos is probably your only libre option, again, blujay is pretty linked to dexcom, but more specifically, a wear os watch with 5g or lte, so samsung galaxy, or Google pixel with a linked sim card…i haven’t heard of anyone using the watch exclusively as a collector, usually closer to a few hours, etc, at any rate, when it is all set up, you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long to buy a cgm watch…so much easier than a phone


This is my very first post since joining. Hope I don’t sound terribly stupid with my question. I wear the Dexcom 6 and take multiple shots (Tresiba and Lispro) to manage my Type 1 diabetes. Until recently, I received my BG readings on both my cell and the receiver. I had to purchase a new cell a couple weeks ago (battery died on old one) and unfortunately did not check the Dexcom site for Clarity app compatible devices. Yup, my lovely new cell (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold) will not allow me to load the Clarity app. I am stuck with downloading the receiver information to my pc to view any information and stats. So…here comes the stupid question…after spending time researching information on Dexcom, the BlueJay watch, and the xdrip app, I am still confused and unsure if it’s possible to buy a BlueJay watch to access my results using just the receiver. It would also be nice to not have to drag a receiver around but I understand that it would be necessary even with the watch. I really miss getting all my information on my cell! Thank you any advice or suggestions.

I assume your new phone is Android. You should be able to install xDrip+ on it and view your BGs and history, as well as use the BlueJay watch.

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I’m not totally sure what you are asking.

You can see your current BG on the watch without needing a receiver.

When I leave home, I don’t bring the receiver. I only bring the watch.

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Unless you specifically need to upload to Dexcom, you only need the watch and/or phone.
Xdrip+ on the phone and the watch work great.
I have the Fold 4, and cannot run the Dexcom (don’t want to either really.)
I use the watch as the collector and the phone only gets data from the watch when it’s in range.
That way, the only thing I really have to have with me is my watch. Works great, and is simple.


Based on what I’ve read, I thought you had to have the Dexcom app and Clarity on a cell in order for any smart watch to access the information. I can’t do that with this new cell. My only access is the receiver. I was hoping the BlueJay watch would pull the information directly from the receiver, but again, I wouldn’t have access to my current BG’s if it’s not in close range to my receiver. Sorry. Still confused. Also, the xDrip+ app is not available in the Google Play store. I just want everything to be simple. Wear a watch to see my BG’s and not have to drag my receiver around. My cell is totally useless unless Dexcom allows me to add the apps in the future.

Thanks! Good info. I have the ZFold5. Are you using the BlueJay watch? Are you seeing real time BG’s even though you’re out of range with the receiver? Sorry again, I’m not very techy and this is all so confusing.

Not sure if this still works, but it was a way for non supported phones to work with dexcom app. But may not work for G6, G7.

You do not need the receiver. The BlueJay gets its signal directly from the Dex.

You can use the bluejay watch as a true stand alone collector. NOTHING else is required.
That being said, I use my watch as the stand alone collector, but have the watch share data with my phone via xdrip+. It works very well, it pretty straight forward.

Then, never use the dexcom receiver again! I cannot stand them. Annoying alarms, another thing to carry/charge, etc.


I too use only the watch as a receiver. I only use the phone to activate new sensors… then shut down the app. That can be done with the watch too, but I find it less convenient. My Dexcom only communicates with omnipod 5 and the bluejay outside of new sensor startups


Thank you everyone for your comments to my concerns about the Bluejay watch and setting up xdrip+. What I understand now is that I can use the Bluejay watch as a stand alone collector and the data will be shared on my new cell via xdrip+ . My only concern is that I will need to use an outside app to install xdrip+ on my cell since it’s not available in Google Play. I know I’ll need to continue to use my receiver to change sensors and transmitters but won’t need to drag it around if I’m wearing a Bluejay watch. Yeah! I plan to discuss all this with my new Endo at my appointment tomorrow.

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Good luck. Many endos are not thrilled with products like xDrip. So don’t be surprised. Or maybe your endo is the exception.

Actually, you don’t need any part of the dexcom unless you want/need to upload data for your Dr.
You can start/stop/change sensors and transmitters with the watch, and/or the phone.

Installing xdrip is basically downloading the APK file for xdrip and installing it. You will most likely need to allow installing other files, etc. But besides changing permissions, xdrip is an easy install. No other apps needed.
The watch comes with xdrip already on it, but it will update after you first start it, which can take some time (long then you think, so don’t get too upset by this part.)


I have been using a smartwatch as a standalone receiver for the Dexcom CGM starting with the G5 and now the G6. I use the Sony Smartwatch 3 with is no longer available. I have heard that the Bluejay watch works in the same way but has a more limited range between the Dexcom transmitter and watch. The Sony transmits the data to a phone when the phone is in range. I have found that range is basically ‘line of site’. The Sony gives very reliable data every 5 minutes. It also shows the rate of BG change and has warnings. The Sony also has a very unique transflective display.