New BlueJay GTS Watch!

Well, it looks like Bluejay just released a new watch called the GTS.
BlueJay GTS watch

Has a more user friendly interface on the watch
And, what really interests me, is that you can do a lot of things on the watch itself, and you are much less reliant on the companion watch app to do all the work, or even change settings, etc.

Needless to say, I ordered mine today!
Being I am in the US, and it’s coming from the UK, it will take about 2 weeks or so for me to get it.
I will update when I get the new watch in and give a review on it.
It supposedly has an antenna performance boost as well. I haven’t had an issue with this, but I actually change which wrist I wear the watch on based on which side of my body I wear my CGM on. Maybe I won’t need to do this now?


Very cool. Glad they are continuing to develop a solution for diabetics. I hope they don’t get wiped out by big tech.

Yeah, you and me both!
We need more people like this ti develop specifically for our community.
And it’s not like he won’t get plenty of feedback and support!
I like the idea of the watch being specifically built for standalone CGM usage.
I sure hope it will work with the G7 as well, but from current Dexcom methods, and the newer iCGM protocols, I can’t imagine that it won’t work with it.

I hope it does well enough to justify all the hard work, but not so big that the big corporations take too much notice/action.


This might be the first watch I attempt to use standalone with cgm:) very excited.


Welcome to FUD @Jzt1! Lots of good stuff to read around here.

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Well, I hope to have the new GTS watch in soon. Will report on that when I get it.

To be clear, you do NOT need a phone AT ALL with this watch! You can set it up, run it, etc. all from the watch itself.
That means you can use this watch if you have an iphone or android phone.
Obviously it work well with xdrip on android phones, but it is no longer a requirement.

And, for those that are curious, here is a youtube video showing the operation of this GTS watch.
Youtube of GTS watch


Ok, got the watch the night I did the last post 3 days ago.
So far, I like the watch.
It is definitely different. The menus take a little bit to get used to.
Definitely worth paying attention to the website menu section that walks you through the menus and what each one does.
If you are running xdrip on your phone, you won’t need most of these settings on the watch. Just set them from the phone and it is easier that way.
If you are using the watch with no phone, then using the watch for all settings isn’t all that difficult. Just look at those menu options on the website as a guide.

Now, if you are someone who already has the X2 watch, and is upgrading to the GTS. SHUT DOWN the X2 first! haha, I didn’t shut it down, I just paired up the new GTS watch, then had some fun getting the old one shut off and pair back again to the new watch…

One thing I REALLY like about the GTS watch, I can easily see my transmitter age in days and my sensor age in days, and the watch battery percentage. You have to swipe and hit a button, but easily seeing your sensor age is really handy!

There are more sensors on the back of the watch, with no current usage.
The watch is slightly better off for water resistance.
Battery life looks similar to the X2 once you turn off some extras. I still leave the bluetooth on so it syncs with my phone for xdrip.
JamOrHam says that even though the GTS does not currently have alarms clock and countdown alarms, they will be coming out in a future release for it. This is definitely on my Must have list of things for this watch.


I am getting back into running and the GTS appeals to me because I don’t have to haul a phone with me to run 5ks 10ks etc. All I care about is looking at my sugar on my wrist. I don’t have XDrip and don’t plan on getting it. Currently using a fit bit watch and Tandem X2 pump. It appears that on this watch I can use one slot for watch and one slot for Tandem and it would work? I want to order it but just want to make sure I’m understanding this right before I do.


Yes, you can truly run the new Bluejay GTS as a stand alone. No phone needed, AT ALL!
As for uploading that information, that is something I am not sure how to do without a phone. So if you need to upload this info to somewhere, I am not sure how to accomplish this with the GTS watch.
Having said that, you can upload all the info from the Tandem X2 pump and use it that way. But you can’t have followers, etc. like you can with xdrip, etc.

I have the Tandem X2 pump running with Control IQ. That takes the pump slot.
My Bluejay GTS watch takes the phone slot. I run it as the ONLY collector. My phone never tries to collect from the Dexcom G6.
I do have the watch upload data to the phone for me to see and quickly analyze. I really like how simple and easy to read the data is through xdrip.

But, to answer your question. YES, the bluejay GTS will work completely on it’s own.
The watch prefers to use the pump slot, so you have to make sure it is using the phone slot when setting it up.
Also, I admit, the menu and buttons on the watch are not completely intuitive. I go used to them, but I feel they could have been a little more organized. This could just be me though.

Btw, I have the new test version of the firmware for the GTS that allows two alarms and two count down timers. These work great! I am loving having my bluejay watch finally having alarms for waking up, or changing infusion sets, etc.

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I use OmniPod with Loop on an iPhone so I’m not familiar with Tandem. Can you integrate xDrip+ with Tandem Control IQ? Does IQ run on iPhone or Tandem?

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Control IQ runs on the Tandem X2 pump only.
The pump integrates with the Dexcom G5/6 transmitters wonderfully.

Xdrip does not integrate with the pump at all.
Xdrip works with the dexcom G5/6.


I’m about to buy one of these. A few questions.

The BlueJay website is (understanbly) sparse. Is there more detailed instructions from BlueJay or is it all the existing xDrip/Nightscout community?

I currently use the iOS dexcom app, not xDrip, and Pods. Is it possible for the GTS to take the pump slot and the dexcom app to take the phone slot, or does xDrip need to run for both?

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The bluejay watches actually prefer to connect through the pump channel. I figure because not many people have the pump actually talking with the dexcom, it would be the easier default channel to use.

As for instructions, yeah, they are not fully fleshed out like we would hope for.
The GTS has a basic walk through that helps explain the icons, and he does have a video showing it as well. Which is MUCH better than the X2 watch had.

As for more information beyond that, they have a channel on gitter for discussion that JamOrHam responds to questions. Among other members that will help out some as well.
Gitter for BlueJay Watches


Hi Hammer, I’ve been looking at the GTS for a little while and following some of the chat about it over on Gitter. One thing I’d like to know from you as a user of this watch is how easy is it to silence and disable glucose alerts. Currently I use a Sony Smartwatch as a stand alone collector for G6. Silencing a low or high alert is a simple swipe to the right. Alerts can be permanently silenced (screen notifications but no vibration), meanwhile, by putting the watch into Do Not Disturb mode, which is a swipe down and a tap. The latter I find invaluable at night because the lag between the G6 readings and my actual blood sugar can mean that I continue to get low alerts long after I’ve eaten something and I’m back in range. This is very disruptive to sleep!

If my glucose drops below 3 my Tandem pump kicks in with an alert (which you’ll know yourself as a t:slim user), so that’s always there as backup in case I go low again later in the night.

The SSW is great but the battery sucks, so I’d love to try the GTS but would really want a similarly easy approach to silencing alerts for it to sway me.

Love to hear your thoughts.



I actually have all my alerts OFF on my watch. I already hear/feel the urgent lows on my pump, so I don’t want to hear anything more on my watch.
I have alarms on the GTS that I use all the time though.
I swipe up to turn the watch face on, then a long press on the screen, and that turns off the alarm.
I don’t have motion wake on the watch turned on. Save a lot of battery life this way.
Btw, I charged the watch Monday morning, and it is still going now. Not sure if it will make it to tomorrow or not. The battery meter on this watch isn’t super accurate. Not sure why, but that is what they are saying.
Still, about a WEEK on a single charge, and it runs as the collector 24/7. My phone never runs as the collector any more.

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@Sam, is this what you are looking for?

Thanks. I’m the opposite of you, I turn off most of the pump alerts because I find it much harder to dig it out from around my waist to silence/acknowledge them than to do so on a watch.

It’s the ease of which you can set the Do Not Disturb on the SSW3 that’s keeping me from jumping ship. If the GTS can’t do the same then I’m not sure the extra battery life is a clincher for me.

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I dunno. Maybe! Will have to look into it more

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Welcome to FUD. We should talk about this sometime too. :grinning:


To be honest, I am not sure there IS a do not disturb on this watch.