Two pieces of good news

This morning I got the results back for the bloodwork I had gotten in preparation of my endo appointment next week. My A1c came in at 7.2%, probably still a bit high compared to most in this crowd but I’m pretty happy with it considering it’s based on only about 2 months worth of me actually trying to manage my diabetes. It’s legitimately the best result I’ve gotten in years, and I was at 10.5% in May :grimacing: I’m happy with this drop, and my CGM reports suggest I would be somewhere in the low 6’s if I continue at what I’m doing now.

If getting those results back wasn’t enough, I also finally received my MiaoMiao today after nearly 4 weeks of waiting! I had been using Freestyle Libre as it was intended for the past week and a half or so because my last Dexcom transmitter died. Although the Libre is an awesome tool, my control has suffered a bit without alarms & Nightscout. The MiaoMiao is on the charger now but I’m looking forward to getting everything set up in an hour or so :grin:


Hey, keep up the good work! Let us know how the miaomiao works. I’m interested, as I might use it with the libre system, down the road

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@glitzabetes Keep up your efforts to manage your D - this is your journey and you should be proud of it! We all have to start somewhere and I’m glad you’re sharing your progress here.

I’m also interested in your experience with MiaoMiao. Keep us posted.



Congratulations!!! That’s some seriously awesome progress!


You may not feel like you have an A1c that qualifies you to be an expert here, but in reality you do! Yes we have some in the 5’s and some in the 6’s, but we also have a good number of members with A1c’s above yours. So congrats for getting it under control, and thank you for contributing to the community!


awesome work @glitzabetes, so happy for you!


Thanks everyone for the kind words and support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@mike_g and @Millz, I did write up a little post about my initial thoughts on the MiaoMiao here (I made a separate thread because I know how much we love “searchability” here haha)


Thanks! I just read your write up. It was very helpful!