Low carb and gluten-free pie crust recipe

I saw this on the Integrated Diabetes e-newsletter today.


Thanks, @CatLady!

I hope if someone tries the recipe, that they’ll let us know how it turns out. :sunflower:


I’m going to give it a try ‘cos I need a GF recipe for my husband. In the past I have made a pecan meal base with just a touch of sugar, some butter, and cinnamon. This year I want to try something more like a “real” pie crust for him so will let you know how we like it. :pie:


2 grams of carbs: shocking! Can’t wait to read how it turns out, @CatLady!


Thank you for sharing this. Not happening for Thanksgiving, but I’ll have to give this a try.


So here’s my pie crust review:

First of all, my GF husband said he liked it and that it tasted a lot better than other GF pie crusts he’s tried. I think the cream cheese gave the crust a bit of a sharp flavor that would work better in a savory pie. But the crust held up to filling without leaking and was fairly easy to remove in one piece during service.

If I made this again, I’d do a few things differently:

  1. Use a rim protector during the entire baking time (both blind baking and then with the filling) because the almond flour just browns too easily.
  2. Lower the blind baking temperature from 390 to 375 degrees F. (Note: I baked the filled pie at 350 degrees F. with no adjustment for living at 4800 feet.)
  3. Substitute shortening for cream cheese for a sweet filling.
  4. Loosen the rolled-out crust from the parchment paper with an icing spatula to improve the release of the dough into the pan.

Happy Baking!


Thanks for the helpful review and tips, @CatLady. It sounds really promising and worthwhile to try. :sunflower:


Thanks, @CatLady, for the review. I’m going to try this one maybe for Christmas!


I am planning to try this weekend if we find all the ingredients!

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