LC Halva, Britt's

Tahini is a great blend of fat, protein and carbs.

Here’s a recipe that I created for a low carb halva. This makes a great snack anytime and packs well for my favorite silent sports – hiking, canoeing and camping trips.

Basic Recipe:

28 g tahini
15 g low carb protein powder, vanilla
7 g toasted sesame seeds
Salt to taste, I usually use Morton Lite Salt
Vanilla extract to taste
Almond extract, to taste
Liquid sweetener (stevia and/or sucralose) 0 carb, to taste

Nutrition Info:

This will depend upon the tahini and protein powder you select. As an example, here’s mine –

~3 g digestible CHO
~20.7 PRO
TAG: ~6.5


Add coconut, fine
Add orange or rose essence and chopped pistachios
Add cocoa and/or swap chocolate protein powder
Lily’s SF mini chocolate chips
Callebaut unsweetened chocolate bits
Cacao nibs
Coffee nibs

Shopping List Suggestions:

Special Safety Note:

Check ConsumerLab for carb (actual versus label statement), lead, arsenic and cadmium content of protein powder.


Sounds good! I have never had Tahini. But I grew up eating halva (before diabetes) because I am Russian.

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