Hi everyone super excited to be here. I just have on an old Samsung note 5 that I am using for my device. Hoping my iPhone will be able to be used one day.


Welcome! How did you find FUD?

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Welcome @BS500!

Welcome @BS500
Stay with your Note 5. That was a good phone. I assume you’re using xDrip+. If not, then try it out, I’m sure you’ll forget all about your iPhone :blush:.


I used to use Samsung exclusively. Switched to I phone a while back. I love the I phone but disappointed with 3rd party availability. Since I found xdripwith I had to try it especially with the extended battery life of the G6.
I am using x-drip+.

Other than calibration (is now solved) and learning a bit about the program… so far so good…
But I hate carrying 2 phones​:joy::joy::joy:

THANKS for the welcome! Iblookforward to learning!

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I was looking for a way to extend the battery life on my G6. I’ve read multiple articles and looked at multiple different places not really paying attention to the site it looks like a lot of people comments on and are helpful on this platform so I decided to join and ask a few questions!!