I'm not able to sign in T:Connect on laptop and iPAD

Any body getting this when logging into to T:Connect not mobile?

I tried 2 browsers and cleared cache on my iPAd, 3 browsers on my Mac book pro.

The tech at support said this is happening to a few people, I wonder if it’s an iOS thing.

Hope it’s resolved soon!

It’s not the end of the world,
If I connect to my laptop I can use, well darn, I forgot the app.

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Two days ago I got a “could not connect” with a different message but the same result. Could not upload my pump before Endo appointment, so they had to do it. Hope Tandem can fix their problem.

What device and what operating systems? I reported it to Tandem support that I could log into T:Connect Mobile and the portal, but not t;connect.tandemdiabetes with iPhone, iPAD MacBook Pro with 3 different browsers. If I had access to a PC I would’ve tried that, but our house is currently Apple only.

I use a PC running Windows 10. Can’t get much more generic than that. I turned off my VPN. No luck. Endo said they were not having problems.

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Thanks, the tech at Tandem escalated my report. She said they are getting a few reports, but most are not having the issue.

It might hold their feet to the fire if more would call and report.

Today it uploaded fine. You would think they would want to mount a strong response to reports of people unable to connect.

The Tandem software is pitiful. On my screen it’s the size of two icons. I have trouble even clicking on the tiny little buttons.

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