I'm an OmniPod Klutz

I’ve been happy since taking on the OmniPod in December 2019, after 13 years as a MedTronic tuber.

But damnit, twice in the last 10 days I have managed to knock a pod off by not watching where my arm swang (once while loading bags of concrete mix in my pickup truck, and just today caught it on the corner of a wall emptying the trash).

Insulet has been good at replacing 2 other times I knocked them off; I feel a bit silly calling them in when it’s my own clumsiness. But they cost do damn much…

Any suggestions for not knocking pods off beyond being more careful? I have been arms only since I started.


I have heard some wearing like wrist/arm bands over then as a small protective later. Others tape them down from the top. We don’t bother since they are always replaced with no issues.

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I’ve not had any get knocked off, but I’ve had a couple fall off due to poor adhesive. I used hypafix to tape it down. I also only wear mine on my abdomen so they are not likely to hit anything! :wink:


I have lost a few that way. But I have found the places other than arms are less likely for that to happen.

If you wear it on your arms, maybe the inside of the arm would be less likely to hit something.


I have knocked pods off my thigh (lawn mower, getting in and out of car), my arm (door frame), and my belly (clothing, cats). I suspect Insulet staff keep a file of funniest customer stories!


I have also lost some taking my pants off! :rofl:


When I started, I tended to put pods more on the outside of the arm; if I stood in front of a mirror, I could see the pod. After I lost a couple on doors, I made a point to put them more on the back of the arm, edging toward the inside and invisible in the mirror. (Easier if you lift your arm and place the pod from underneath, rather than reaching round from the front to stick it on, if that makes sense.) No more lost pods.


Thanks for tips and re-assurance. I called it in to Insulet where as usual I got comforting, concerned and human support; they replaced without questions the two pods I knocked off.

When I told the rep I had 3 left and was preparing to order, she suggested letting the supplier know when I ordered that she had submitted these two- since it came from the same distributor they could combine the deliveries-- and she arranged to have it sent courier to get here faster.

I did not even know they would replace ones that I knocked off myself except for in February when I called in a faulty one (alarm issue) I made a joke that they wouldn’t replace the one I wonked on a car door. “Of course we will replace it!”