Omnipod Rash??

For the past month my pump sites have started getting rashes, and at first I thought I might be allergic to the adhesive, since I have had issues with adhesives before, but i noticed that the pump site only gets inflamed when it is anywhere besides my arms. Is it possible to be allergic to the adhesive in some places but not others? I’ve been cleaning the sites before i change out with soap and water to be safe, but it keeps happening. I’ve heard of omnipod rash before but I haven’t seen anything about the pod only causing a reaction in certain places.
I’ve had diabetes for 11 years and an omnpod for about 3 years, and I’ve never had a reaction this bad! Any advice would be great! :smile:

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My gut answer on this is no? I would think that if the body has a problem with any adhesive or chemical on one part of the body it would have a problem with that chemical anywhere on the body. Perhaps it’s due to overuse of those specific areas? Using sites too frequently could certainly result in something like this occurring.

Any member here have more experience to assist @LexCyborg?

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When you wash with soap, is it a different soap?
Some skin is more sensitive than other (hands are less sensitive than belly for example) maybe you are not rinsing the soap off enough and your skin is sensitive to the trapped soap in that area? This could happen if the soap is one that is a deodorant soap made to leave behind a deodorant or the fragrance of the soap or…

I agree that allergies are a reaction of the body to something that it finds dangerous. If one part finds it dangerous then all parts should but I am not a Dr or a scientist.

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I agree with @ClaudnDaye, I’d think that if you’re allergic you’d react everywhere. Having said that, there are some areas of the body that some people find more “sensitive” than others (I’ve heard the stomach mentioned as being more sensitive than other areas).

For you, maybe the issue is that the arms move around a lot more than the other locations you’ve used, and maybe your skin is getting irritated from the tape tugging at it when moved? Just throwing out ideas…

If it’s truly an adhesive allergy, I’ve had good luck with using Cavilon barrier cream.

I agree, I am an MD in another field using lots of bandages/tape and I think adhesive allergies tend to be an all-over problem. Sensitive skin or irritation, on the other hand, certainly can vary by body part because skin is thinner and more delicate in some areas. I agree with suggestion about whether you are using a soap with some irritant in it, or if it is drying to your skin maybe? I also think you will be more hygienic actually using an alcohol wipe, not soap (which is just a detergent and doesn’t actually kill germs) to prep your site, just make sure it evaporates before you place. The alcohol wierdly is supposed to be less drying/irritating than a soap and water wash, at least that’s what the hospital people tell us about hand washes. A barrier wipe like skin tac also helps some people with sensitive skin, just leave an little unwiped spot in the middle for the needle to go thru.

Disclaimer, if you have really irritated old sites don’t swab them with alcohol til they heal :grimacing:.


Have you been shaving under the areas which get irritated? My partner shaved a little part of his leg with an older blade and wound up with a pretty nasty rash that took a long time to heal. Otherwise he’s had minor site irritation.

I hope you get it sorted out! Sorry it’s been bugging you!


I would second this if you are not already doing it.

It may be you have different bacteria or something else on your arms versus your abdomen. The alcohol will make it a more level playing field for comparison.

The redness could also be caused when you pull the pod off and are ripping out the little hairs from your skin. (Ok - I am a man and have large hairs). Using alcohol or a solvent like “Remove” to loosen the adhesive may help prevent this. I have found that some batches of pods have a really sticky adhesive and if I just rip them off I will be left with red marks that last a day. If I use alcohol - no marks.


Same thing can happen if you too aggressively pull a pod off where the skin is looser, hairs or no hairs. Where the skin stretches, afterwards it can look like a rash. If that’s the issue, use a finger to hold down the skin while you gently work off the pod.

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I am not a very allergic person. BUT I do get one weird allergy which only occurs on my hands and elbows. So I may be the only one here, but I think it is possible that one may be allergic to someone only on some parts of thew body.

At the same time, as many have written, there may be subtle differences in your process, involving soap etc., which may be the source of your issue.

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