Omnipod Adhesive issues

OK, I know there are a lot of topics about this all over the internet, a lot of which I’ve read… but maybe I’ve read too much because now it seems overwhelming.

Here’s my story:
I started using Omnipod 5 in December 2022. I didn’t have any issues with the adhesive at all for about 6 months. Then I started having both issues with the Omnipod staying put, and with my skin reacting to the adhesive. I noticed my skin was itchy but not unbearable when I ordered some overpatches to keep the pod in place (Simpatch). It seemed to work - that pod didn’t come loose, but my skin reacted to it so bad that I pulled it all off in the middle of the night. I went back to just the pod w/nothing, and reacted to that too.

I then read that applying the Omnipod over tegaderm film has been helpful for people, so I ordered some of that. The first few times it was great. A couple times I was a little itchy, but I could make it the three days. The 2nd to last time I used it, the tegaderm started peeling up and I taped it down to make the 3 days, and my skin was reacting in the area where it peeled up. And the last time, half of the tegaderm came loose, but the Omnipod was still on so I thought I could leave it alone, but then hours later the whole area under the tegaderm started itching like crazy, even the opposite side. I took it off, and that whole area was red. That was 3 days ago and I’ve been using lantus to give myself a little break.

I’m assuming the Omnipod/tegaderm was coming loose is due to sweat, because it happens when I’m outside on a hike. I’m not sure why I’m having the skin reactions all of a sudden though.

On a side note, I also use Dexcom, and my Dexcom may start to peel up around the edges towards the end of the 10 days, but it doesn’t come off, and I very rarely have a reaction to it.

So… has anyone had similar circumstances that they’ve found a solution for? Is there an adhesive strip made with the same stuff that Dexcom uses that I could apply first, and then put my OmniPod over? That’s probably a longshot, but thought I’d ask. I just need to both be able to keep my pod on and not itch like crazy while doing so.

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This thread has a lot of different things people have used:

Different people have their own favorite thing that works best. You might need to try them all and see what works best for you.

I personally found these to be the best for me:

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I ordered the sureprep and tried it today. I don’t know how it would have worked for the itching; I was thinking the pod would stick to it better, but that wasn’t the case. Less than an hour into my walk and it came off. For some reason when the omnipod adhesive comes loose, it curls under the pod. Meanwhile my dexcom which is on day 8 and was loose on one side is still attached.

I’ll try again with a wipe and then putting a simpatch over the pod. Something has to work.

You have to let that stuff dry all the way before putting on the pod.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that!

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It seemed like it was dry. I found some instructions for sureprep which said it dries in 30 seconds, and I waited longer than that before applying the pod.

The itchy pods are strange to me because it is only the back half of my body that gets itchy. Anything on the front side seems okay. :man_shrugging:

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I’m the opposite! The backside is fine but my front gets all red sometimes…

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The search continues. My first sureprep/simpatch combination seemed to work ok - the pod stayed on, and didn’t itch until my walk but it was bearable and I kept it on the whole time. Second time I didn’t get to work out outside so no issues. Third time the itching started after the workout yesterday and I could feel blisters under the simpatch and finally a few hours ago I couldn’t take it anymore and peeled it off. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try spraying my skin with my asthma inhaler first.

For my Dexcom 6 allergy I use a 3M hydrocolloidal bandage, punch a hole with a leather punch, stick it on the Dexcom patch and apply it to my skin. I cover it with Tegaderm. Works for me.

No adhesive holds well at first contact. You have to smooth it over and over and over long after you think it has stuck. Then rub it all over again for a while. Works for bandaids or anything else stuck to your skin.

I smooth down the dexcom adhesive for a little bit - definitely not long long after I think it’s stuck, and it stays put. And when it does come loose a little, it’s just loose where you can lift up the edge.

When the omnipod comes loose, the edges somehow curl under and it dislodges the pod. I think the simpatch takes care of that issue, now I just have to keep myself from reacting to it.

I ordered an underpatch and overpatch from stick2hope that I’m trying next, and if that doesn’t work maybe I’ll try the 3m stuff.