Adhesive skin reactions

I’ve never been a fan of the Dexcom cgm although lately I’ve been using it more and more and seeing somewhat better performance with it now that I’ve found a couple sights that actually work reasonably well for me. In my case that’s on my lower abdomen, level with or slightly below by belly button on either side and just slightly above my belt line… I’ve tried everywhere else and not had very acceptable results.

The problem here though, being a hairy guy, is that I have to shave the area right before applying the sensor, and that in combination with the adhesive, and the opsite flexifix that I have to add a few days later when it starts peeling off… I end up with a quite unpleasant, itchy bumpy rash where the sensor has been applied and taped. Has anyone else experienced this and found any solutions? Currently it’s so unpleasant that I am only using it when I absolutely have to because it really is no fun…


On a separate note… been to a few pool parties since I moved to the desert. Here in 2019 am I the only guy who doesn’t shave neck to toes these days or am I just imagining things?


I am not a fan of shaving.

Have you given a thought to the Eversense cgm?

Senseonics company management appears to be a bunch of clowns but while the lights are still on you might want to give it a whirl. The technology seems quite good.

I haven’t tried sensoronics and don’t really know much about it… my cde in Alaska before I moved mentioned it might be a good option for me but I really don’t know much about it and haven’t gotten established with any new providers here to pursue it

It can be difficult to find a provider who is certified for Senseonics.

If you wanted to try it out (no real downside to giving it a whirl) then your best approach may be to call Senseonics and ask if they could direct you to a provider near you who is certified for the Eversense installations.


@Sam. Sounds like you might be reacting to the extra adhesive like skin tac. Most of the more popular adhesives are rosin based, the Dexcom cgm is acrylic based and Mastisol is gum based. Personally I react to the rosin based adhesives and some of the acrylics. I use Mastisol almost exclusively for extra adhesion and as a barrier for the acrylic based overpatches.


I use the same location as you; I’ve never tried another because that is the one Dexcom said to use and it works for me. I normally shave, both for the Dexcom and the Omnipod, but it doesn’t matter for me with regard to adhesion; rather at the end pulling the thing off is painful if I have not shaved.

I’m also hairy and my hair growth rate is pretty much standard. I run the G6 for 20-30 days (this avoids the 2 hour startup, which I find incredibly annoying) and my hair grows through the adhesive. Removal is painless because the hair isn’t stuck to the glue.

How closely do you shave? I can imagine that a buckled hair might push the adhesive off. I sometimes dry shave with one of the Gillette 1000 blade razors, this does actually work, but most of the time I use one or other of the razors I have for regular body shaving to shave to the skin and that is fine too.

I have had adhesive problems with the G6; only to be expected IMO with something I try to keep stuck to me for three weeks. I found the widely available patches worked for me, they do come unstuck too but they extend the life of the G6. I’ve also found that the waist area can be subject to waist-band attrition. Wearing a long shirt over the G6 and under pants/belts etc helps, particularly if it is a tight t-shirt (looks good too :slight_smile:

Bottom line on my experience so far, including experience with the Omnipod, is that the one and only thing that causes the adhesive to fail on either is sweat, whether good or honest or not.


I don’t think it’s a matter of shaving too close or growth rate as much as just shaving then the adhesive etc over the pores or somewhat irritated skin causing a bunch of irritation… when I’ve used the Dexcom on my thigh etc the irritation is nowhere near as bad, but the skin is tougher there and not as easily irritated… I’d try just mowing down with some clippers but I have a hard enough time getting them to stay on smooth skin and any hair at all seems to make it a totally losing battle

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Have you tried the flonase spray on the site before applying. That might reduce the irritation if it is allergy related.


I haven’t but that’s worth a try…

Just my two cents, my abdomen reacts to everything. Injections, Dexcom and Omnipod all look awful on my belly. I have to use other sites for all three things and don’t have issues elsewhere. Flonase helped when it was at its worst, though.

Other than Flonase, sensitive skin shave gel, maybe? Johnson and Johnson discontinued their Tough Pads but there are similar products discussed on FUD for putting under the Dexcom.

I hope you find something that works other than laser hair removal!


EH had the same issue with shaving. He got an awful staph infection under the adhesive when he shaved the first time. It sucked.

I am so sorry it’s happened to you.

He switched to using a beard trimmer (clipping not shaving) and often just using his biceps (which don’t have hair) for the Dexcom. Also the Dexcom over patches they will send for free have helped with adhesion of the G6. There’s no way they last 10 days on their own. And an support rep dude recommended using the fresh razor and shaving with the hair, not against, for best experience - he was T1 and that’s what he said he did.

Also, I’ve heard good things about using Flonase too. And maybe scrubbing the hell out of the area with alcohol first to minimize infection (although could backfire) prior to shaving with a new blade and tons of shaving goop. Also we use this site prep wipe and like it. I do think it makes the biggest difference. (Tried others, don’t like you as much.)

Safe N Simple RRSNS80775 Alcohol Free No Sting Skin Barrier Wipes, Box Of 75,Safe N Simple - Box 75


I don’t have the hairy issue (thank goodness!) but I am sensitive to adhesives especially the new G6 adhesive. I cut an oval of Opsite Flexifix about 1/4” larger than the white sensor cloth and inject the sensor right through it, no hole cut out. Works fine and also keeps the sensor stuck on better.


Have you tried your inner thigh. I don’t have enough fat on the back of my arms to wear there. I save my abdomen for my pump. I have been switching from left to right on inner thighs up pretty high with no problems at all. They don’t get in the way and get ripped off. I use skin tac an over patch.


I’ve tried the front of my thigh… didn’t gave the best of readings there. Seems like inner thigh would hurt

I also use inner upper thigh. Works pretty well for me. Out of the way. Use skin tac on skin and patch itself and lasts at least two weeks. Have pretty thin thighs so does not rub or chafe. Second choice is upper back arm. But have to be more careful that it doesn’t get caught on clothing or handbag. Belly is for pump.

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Sam, give a variety of spots on the thigh a try, you may be surprised. I rotate my pump to upper outer/ inner thigh (just off the edge of the muscle line).

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Welcome @Cross05!

That’s a good tip! We’ve never tried the upper inner thigh. Seems less likely to rip off. My partner tried the thigh, but ended up with the shaving issue and then tore it off while removing his jeans at some point shortly after installing the second try. He wrote it off, but the inner thigh would be less of an issue! Thanks!

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So… I’m traveling and forgot to bring any skim tac or flexi-fix. The cgm I put on just 2 days ago is already starting to come off.

I bought some tegaderm 2.4x2.75 patches… they’re barely big enough to cover the Dexcom adhesive, but I know some people use them for this. What’s the best method?

i feel your frustration…hairy kind here too…only location that works consistently well is the back area of either upper arm. I tend to put it up more on top so, sorta on the side. That’s fixed the whole gotta shave then get itchy as the hair begins to grow. Had to rip one sensor off after just over three days, oh it was sort of mid-abdomin off center.

i like the upper arm because shaving there is not a real need for me. It also feels more comfortable. Abdomin just a bad option, not just the shaving part but i often sleep or laying on my stomach.

Best of luck my fellow Chia Pet Dude. :wink: