Huh? Incompatible device suddenly?

Haha… And it looks like my trade was accepted! Yes!!

I always get that warning, but it works fine. I will upgrade to an approved iOS at some point, but it works fine as long as you consider the warning items and have your phone setup properly.

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I don’t recall ever seeing this before. My phone is in the approved and compatible list for the G5.

I am not sure, but I think the change made was that they no longer want you to be able to turn off alarms.

So I have ignored it and kept using my current version because - call me an idiot - I like to be able to control the alarms!

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I just received this warning for the first time as well @ClaudnDaye. I’ve had warnings in the past, but I haven’t seen this one before.

I have had instances where I’ve upgraded my iOS too soon and received a warning afterward that the app may not work perfectly (forget the exact wording) because the Dexcom app hasn’t been approved for that version.

I suppose it’s nice to have the warning in advance!

Also, congrats on your trade :wink:

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I saw this posted in another group this morning. Some said it’s something Dexcom puts out there to cover themselves if something goes wrong with the app updates. :woman_shrugging:

Recently noticed our share isn’t working as it should also. Previous to the last couple weeks I could always see the data from the mobile app on my follow app while in the office. Not so recently. “No data” is what I see even though she’s sharing, Bluetooth is sending days to the mobile app.