How to Use xDrip+ With G6

As I have said in my last few xDrip+ posts, the best way to use the G6 with xDrip+ is to use the connection wizard. This is what the xDrip+ developer has said on Gitter

Hi, does anyone know if I can use g6 transmitter/sensors directly with xdrip+ without the official dexcom app or receiver? I've seen that the the transmitter won't start without the official app or receiver.

which would really suck


Sep 13 15:59

@roycesimpson no its fine, just make sure to be using the Alpha or Nightly version and enable native mode. Ideally long press the xDrip drop icon on the app home screen and enable the source wizard and select G6. That will ensure you have all the standard settings

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Good to hear!! Love xdrip.