Updating from G4 with Xdrip to G6


My son has been using G4 with xdrip on an android phone. We just started G6. Do we need to download any new xdrip version or can we keep using what he has and just change the serial #?



@Elijah Hi Elijah, and welcome to FUD. I would recommend downloading the latest nightly build because the changes for the G6 are coming fast and furious.

And you need to tell xDrip+ that you’re using the G6. Easiest way is to run the Data Source Wizard. Long press the blood drop xDrip icon at the top left of the screen and it will bring up options you can choose to get to it.



Thank you! We got it working with xdrip+ and continuing to use Nightscout for me to follow. I am wondering about if we need the receiver to be ‘on’ if he is just carrying his phone with xdrip+? Some people said one may interfere with the other. Also, we are not using the Dex app. And I don’t know if there is any reason we would need it if we are using Xdrip. thanks for any advice regarding how all these things work or don’t work together- what is necessary and helpful and what isn’t.



@Elijah The receiver and the phone with xDrip will get along together. This capability is enhanced with G6. The decision on if you want the receiver as backup is individual, but xDrip+ on my watch gives me a 95-99% collection rate and that is sufficient.

Glad you got it all working