Good Low Carb Snacks

Just got back from a Costco run. Found a couple of amazing treats less than 4g net of carbs.

First up are Kind minis. Just big enough for a small bite ( like those of us up in years are looking for). 3 or 4g of net carbs per bar. Great mid afternoon treat with nuts and chocolate with no dinnertime spike.

Next is Duke’s Original Recipe Smoked Sausage Shorty’s. No nitrates, all organic, these 4" sausage sticks come in at 1g carbs each. 2 or 3 of them are very satisfying.

I like going to Costco!


Love these. Turkey pepperoni, 1 g carb per stick, 35 cals each. I keep them in the console of my truck and eat a few on my awful drive home.

Gives me something to look forward to. Sounds similar to the Duke’s.


I love Costco. Just got back home from a quick run there, actually - rotisserie chicken to the rescue for dinner. :yum:

I think these have been mentioned on this site before, but those Parmesan whisps…mmm. Thanks for the heads up about the KIND minis!


Don’t forget the Moon Cheese and the really large packs of salted and unsalted nuts…mmmm


Snack away.
Watch me eat, diabetes! Lol



I don’t usually eat processed meat, but those smoked sausages sound good! I’d have to see if I can eat them, though (the “natural flavour” in the ingredients can be anything).

Lately I have been loving smoked salmon nuggets from Costco. So good, but a little addictive (and unfortunately added sugar, when I think smoked salmon tastes great on its own).

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We recently purchased some salted peanuts for a recipe. (Not from Costco) and low and behold they were adding sugar to the salted peanuts. Completely crazy in my opinion. We switched to salted cashews for the future because who needs sugar in their peanuts.


All KIND snacks are gluten free and made with wholesome, delicious ingredients you can see and pronounce like whole nuts, whole grains, fruits, and spices.

Will definitely have to try them out. Thanks @docslotnick

I banned myself from Costo about 15 years ago. I found that I would buy too much stuff and I hated waiting in the super super super long line-ups. Since my self-ban the area population for the one Costco has grown by about 200,000 people (let’s say about 150% population growth) and the line-ups have just gotten longer. I keep telling myself if only they open one more Costco I may go back…

My current work around - I look at products online and I ask my mom to pick things up when she is shopping there :laughing:

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You’re in Canada, right? Do y’all have anything like InstaCart services here in the US? Order online and someone shops for and delivers your stuff. It’s a marvelous thing.


I’ve used the ask-my-mom-to-pick-stuff-up strategy for the past ten years, but about a mont ago I finally got my own Costco membership because there’s one right downtown that’s easily accessible by public transit. I can never pick up much while I’m there, since I usually only have my backpack. I’ve found that going at 5:00 PM on a Wednesday yields very short lineups and the store at that time is nearly empty compared to the craziness of weekends.


Does the PDX Costco have Moon Cheese? I have found the delectable Whisps but no Moon Cheese…:cheese:

I haven’t looked to see how it’s processed but Costco has these great smoked salmon slices sold with dill sauce, in a blue package (i think it’s sold as a ‘Norwegian’ salmon).

I don’t give 2 :poop::poop:'s if it’s Norwegian or not… super tasty.


Yes - I am in Canada and no instacart yet.

We take advantage of someone else shopping for you service at some other more local stores. :slight_smile:

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