Glooko support for nightscount?

Today I got my first appointment with my new endo after over a year trying to get an endo to take me. The endo wouldn’t.

The reason? I didn’t have Glooko connectivity; my Omnipod data isn’t downloaded to Glooko and Glooko is the only thing they use, so they can’t do anything. Fair enough; I suggested multiple approaches including using the O5, which is Glooko compatible, but I got the impression it was a done deal.

Because all my data is on AndroidAPS it’s actually only accessible on NightScout.

I did come prepared with a NightScout URI, and I had provided that before, but the nurse said they didn’t know how to use a URI; apparently it was Glooko or nothing.

Fair enough. We do a whole load of tech and, frankly, some of it is mind boggling complex and obscure.

This is also only one medical provider, but I know the other one in the area also uses proprietary services and may, indeed, use Glooko. I don’t know for sure but at this point I have been refused access to a medical provider because I don’t have my data in, in this case, Glooko. So I checked on Glooko and a search for “NightScout” returns “nada”.

I think that might be the answer, but since I would like to have an endo, if only to satisfy my insurance requirements and sign off on my RTSC scuba form, I’d like to know if anyone knows a way to connect NightScout to Glooko.

@jbowler Sorry my brain doesn’t keep track of what you use. If you provide what equip you have, perhaps we can come up with something?

Dexcom/G6 → BYODA → AndroidAPS
Omnipod Dash → AndroidAPS (so no PDM)


AndroidAPS->NightScout (all the data, including active profiles)
BYODA → Clarity (just the BG data) → Glooko

So I gave them a URI for NightScout but they wouldn’t use that - the endo wanted to “download” the data before the appointment (they had no understanding at all of what NightScout is) and stated that the corporate policy was only to use Glooko (for aggregation). Nevertheless the endo was able to get the data from Clarity; they had a printout of a Clarity web page display which I think used my settings (I use a non-standard BG range on Clarity), so that was a bit weird. I had checked and the BG data was in Glooko.

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To those who don’t know Glooko is a diabetes data aggregator like NightScout:

They act as a middle-man for the endo, selling tech to download patient device information to their system (so the endo doesn’t have to understand all the tech, or, indeed, any of it) aggregating the data (which I assume they then analyze and market to third parties subject to DP laws) and presenting the results back to the endo in a consistent UI.

The endo gets three things; firstly no need to understand or even, pretty much, use the tech. They just need a nurse who knows how to push the buttons. Secondly a consistent UI and, thirdly, a system that can continuously monitor a patient through available remote (“cloud”) connectivity of the tech. The latter is a big deal because it allows the endo to claim per month payments from insurance companies in the US; scroll down a couple of pages on the link I gave.

So the endo gets, “Up to $166 per patient per month.” The endo gets paid on a regular basis for using this service which deals with the tech that they would otherwise have to have some understanding of. This is, apparently, payment for doing nothing; the best work there is. This allows more patients to be taken on, Glooko suggests up to thirteen times as many patients can be taken on:

OMG this is making my blood boil. I had no idea.

Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same issue. Thanks!