New Feature from Glooko

You can now directly link glooko with your Dexcom account.

In the Glooko Mobile App, go to “Sync” -> “New Device” -> “Add Devices” -> “Continuous Glucose Monitor” -> “Dexcom Account”.


While diasend (which is the same company now - yes??) continues to have:

Diasend - Connect App - Dexcom G5 Mobile:
“This feature is only available for Dexcom users outside of the U.S. We are awaiting Dexcom to provide this ability for its U.S. clients.”

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That is outstanding! It makes me reconsider Glooko.

@Thomas They’ve been awaiting Dexcom availability for over a year now.

I had very happily been using Glooko with my G4 and was quite disappointed when the Dexcom direct connect was not available with the G5. I got tired of waiting on them and finally found xDrip+.

Maybe direct connect will be available with the G6 or 7 (or 8 or 9)

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They are the same company, but the code base is still pretty much 100% distinct.

I am sure they are considering how to rationalize both [applications]. Not sure which way they are going, but, likely, it involves a lot of refactoring, which is expensive in resources and takes staff away from new features: always a very hard call to make.

I would be shocked if there was anything of significance for diasend to change in their app. It is just the access to the data feed they need.

This should be trivial.

(Assuming @Michel was talking about pulling Dexcom data into Diasend. If you meant combining both apps into one then I entirely agree - that would be major.)

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That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

I was going to write:

That’s what Marketing always says! Having been in charge of development in a few companies, I have heard this (from Marketing) many times!

Makes sense. The entire point of marketing is to make reality what you say it is.

Unfortunately that concept does not exactly apply to software development.

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I’ve always respected our Glooka data before our Clarity data…the Glooka data is uploaded from the PDM, which is accurate data since it’s come from finger sticks. Our Clarity data just can’t be trusted right now. High is low and low is high for us right now. Just this morning he started heading up on the CGM to 280. Erin checked him twice and he was only around 130. So we had to do the “double calibrate” to bring it back down in range. So the percentages we see via the CGM just aren’t accurate for us and if I look at it, I just end up beating myself up over this false data.

Hopefully, data becomes more accurate for us at some point, but right now PDM (Glooka) data gives us a better measure of how he’s doing. I do wish; however, that the Glooka style was more like the Clarity style…there is much more helpful information in Clarity and if this could be viewed in Glooka, it would be great.

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