Tidepool to Glooko?

A question to the masses… I am using Omnipod LOOP (so no PDM) with Tidepool mobile. It works great but my endo is more familiar with Glooko. Any ideas of how I could sync/migrate insulin data to Glooko without using a PDM?


I’m not aware of any way to get the data from one system to the other. Have them get used to the new system? Tidepool + Clarity provide the same level of detail they’re used to seeing.

Yea, probably my only option. Would be nice if glooko synced health data from Apple health that included everything and not just BGs…like Tidepool does.

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I found out how to actually connect Glooko to Apple Health, so the “connection” is definitely possible. The only problem is that it only sends over “exercise” (steps) information so it’s pretty worthless for the intent you’d like to have for it (and me for that matter.) Sounds like a suggestion needs to be made to Glooka for this? I was able to set this up successfully on my phone, but again, it only synch’s exercise data from Apple Health.

Here are the steps to do this.


That’s a great find! Thanks! Funny, I posed a question to Tidepool recently asking why they do NOT support Apple Health Workouts (Exercise)! I’d like to see all exercise data on the same graph as the BGs and treatments. Apparently, the Workout data is being sent to Tidepool, but Tidepool does not yet display it.


For what it’s worth (to your Endo) @Bradford, Tidepool is free for them to use, too. If it comes down to it, I’d be happy to walk them through our software :slight_smile:

And to your comment, @Trying about workout data, it’s something our design team in particular is eager to make happen, but we have to be kinda ruthless about our priorities right now to ensure we are able to deliver Tidepool Loop as quickly as possible. It’ll happen, but when is still TBD.


I love Tidepool and our Endo is a “share” for our Data, so they’re able to view it whenever they want. The only thing I wish were different is the data set that’s possible. I love being able to go back in time up to 90 days as you can with Clarity and Glooko, but right now 4 weeks is the max you can go back. Because we visit our Endo every 90 days, I like for them to do a comparison of the full 90 days when analyzing how we did instead of the past 2 weeks only, which many of them do…ours did until I told her that’s not an accurate representation of how we’ve done the entire 90 days - especially if Liam was sick the week or two or something else went on that was anomalous, leading up to the Endo visit.

Clarity still lets us compare the past 90 days, but since that’s only CGM data, that’s only part of the picture.

Looking at 90 days worth of data would be great!

For a “90-day comparison” and a more full picture…right now we use Nightscout, but the reports and visuals aren’t as pretty and readable by Endo teams as the other sites.

Thanks for an awesome tool.


@Bradford why not look at a Nightscout site for your info. Reports are every bit as good as Clarity, maybe better as there are options for looping. I use Tidepool and Nightscout both for my Endo. No complains about either, and she is Clarity-centric.

I have no issues with nightscout or Tidepool. Both are great. Just, sometimes conforming to their preferences is easier than trying to make them change how they run their practice. They use glooko for everyone and they were unfamiliar with nightscout and tidepool. Honestly, the whole thing is just theater though. They have never offered me any actually useful advice… But they write the scripts so… My plan is just to print out the information I think is important, hand it to them, then nod and smile.