Glooko Reports (Omnipod)

Does anyone know how to get the “History” portion of the Glooka data to be exported into a report for easier viewing? Currently, we’re only able to see that data listed on the right hand side of the main dashboard, but can’t export it like we can a lot of the other data. We’d love to see the bolus / food intake in a historical report…it would make things much easier.

I spoke with the Glooko people a few months ago. I made several requests because it really is hard to extract things you want from their reports. We are on the same page there, my friend!

I specifically asked for the ability to export to excel or CSV. I wanted to be able to pull comparisons for day 1, day 2, and day 3, to look for site degradation. And also to be able to pull TDD values into a spreadsheet that I could manipulate easier than what is in their screen.

I haven’t looked at Glooko in a while, because I went back to MDI for a bit. But I’d encourage you to email them your requests:

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Done. Thanks!

Hi Harold!

Your request (#12561) has been received, and is being reviewed by our beautiful support staff.


Yeah, I got the same message. They must be really beautiful!

They followed up with an actual email to me a little bit later. I do think they are a reasonable and competent group. But they have a lot of things they are trying to do, and a lot of different data inputs they are trying to juggle.