Getting started with G6 & xdrip


Thank you…Have to look in to a new watch then.


What sony watch best to use for reading with out carrying a phone.


Sony Smartwatch 3


I just got the Ticwatch C2 and I can see the xdrip on my phone and watch but it is not connecting to my Dexcom G6. It did for a minute then stopped reading it. So I took it off the phone and started again thinking it was something not working correctly. Now it will not read at all and my dexcom app is working fine. Very strange since I have the option to download the dexcom app to the watch but it just reads “check dexcom CGM on mobile device”. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @acimler and welcome! I’m sure several of our resident XDrip experts like @docslotnick will be along soon. In the meantime, several things you can check.

On your phone, its either the Dexcom app OR XDrip - not both

If you use XDrip, go to Settings>hardware sources> and check G5/G6

Then in settings>G5/G6 Debug Settings, check OB1 collector.
Scroll down in same menu as OB1 Collector, and check G6 Support.

It’s my understanding as a G5 user that those settings cure many of the G6 woes.

If you need any other help, don’t be shy…there is plenty of help here.

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I would prefer to use the dexcom app since it is supposed to work and it shows up on my phone but gives me the check your mobile device deal. Why is that? Even when I did not have xdrip set up. I just want to see my BGL on the watch so I don’t have to carry my phone into a room when I see patients. I am a nurse practitioner and this it the 3rd watch I have tried in 2 weeks. Kinda getting frustrated and want something to work.

I did try everything you mentioned above and still nothing.


@acimler 2 things I can point you to as I only have experience with the Huawei Watch2.

Preferred watches with XDrip - there might be more now as I have seen mentioned on other threads here the Tizen OS watches now?

XDRIP Watch BT patches

Smartwear / Xdrip user integration


Thank you I will look at them!